Ma Yun company’s most difficult concern is the founder realm mind and conductTen ways to increase


lottery promotion is the network promotion methods, draw and should pay attention to fairness, the prize should be attractive to everyone, so that there will be more users for the promotion of interest Ji.

in fact, these two misunderstandings will greatly hinder the development and growth of your company. Unless you just want to be a small family business, you may be able to make long-term control. If you want to do a good job, do a strong, big, and become a evergreen listed companies in the public, these two ideas is a fatal barrier.


users in those traders came a certain amount of consumption per ring number to the user, to encourage users to coupons, next to you. Of course, consumption, also reached the purpose of network marketing.

, will be confused, will grow old, die, there will be various unexpected accidents, as also the founder and founder examples also meet the eye everywhere. Stubbornness, arrogance and self determination are the common failings of the founders. Belief in intuition is the cause of their success, but overconfidence, intuition and overconfidence are also the main causes of their failure.

during the festival, is also a commonly used method, they should pay attention to the festival holiday Promotion Association for the promotion, so as to better attract the user’s attention, improve the conversion, network promotion Festival can refer to Yang Tao’s "Dragon Boat Festival ten generous website promotion law".


nine, "and pass the amount of promotion

one, discount promotions,

In the

1 always thinks he loves the company better than anyone else in the company. He knows the company best.

if you don’t stop this website home, in some loss of complement, can be combined together to do some promotion, on expanding the sales network is very good

discount is the most common network promotion, so need the sales of the product will have a price advantage, so that it is easy to discount, or have good import goods channel.

Network promotion

one of the important measures to keep the company Green

company basically relies on the introduction of talent, especially talent than their own, which requires the establishment of sharing all kinds of talents to build a cultural value system, but also need to introduce various types of investors, and diluted shares is as unalterable principles. Corporate leaders should rely on courage, intelligence, commitment, leadership and fair and transparent management skills to control their own companies. Under the control of shares of employees, many are minions type, it is difficult to maintain long-term development of the company.

two, gifts promotions

pass and pass the amount of promotion in the supermarket, you can often see in the network promotion, can also be used, now in the supermarket has not ridiculed use, because of fears that the stampede occurred in the network is not the accidents occur.

seven, Wan Day promotional

The founder of

three, integral promotion

four, raffle promotion,

Ma Yun recently shared his ideas about the company’s control over the business, which resonates with many people in the industry. Ma Yun said the company’s most sad is: the founder of the realm, mind and conduct. Indeed, in reality, we often see many bosses and managers are under occupation not sincere communication, treat subordinates education not coach or mentor, more condescending, contempt and chatter type, the domineering arbitrary, this is common to many powerful boss. Fan Guibin shares Mr. Ma this article, the purpose is to be on the road to start a business or have been successful people, there are some inspiration. As the saying goes: "not long grass under a tree," to know "by individual team and powerful, also due to team success! The following is the full text of Mr. Ma Yun published.

eight, coupon promotions,

Ma Yun says the company’s worst concerns are the realm, the mind and the character of the founder. Domineering arbitrary, this is common to many powerful boss. As the saying goes: "not long grass under a tree," to know "by individual team and powerful, also due to team success"

six, holiday promotions

and multi site inside the virtual integral, and do not support, can adopt the integral Bo, each customer consumption time, give members accumulate points, these points can exchange small gifts or after consumption, can be used as cash.

declares from >

most company founders nature for fear of losing control of the company, no ground for blame since insecurity, around entrepreneurs, insecurity about the future is one of the main factors of their success. In particular, the more successful founding bosses are becoming more and more worried.

five, joint promotion,

2 believes that only by controlling the stock to control the company’s decision-making power.

ten, anti promotion

if you quit on station anniversary, ask exceeded much mark, as the number of users, the amount of turnover exceeded the number of mark, can use the WAN day can expand the network promotion

in those products or services and customers, can give customers a complimentary product or some small gifts, to bring the main product promotion, to choose some special gifts in the choice of products, customers interested Ji ridiculed products

is to be used in network promotion methods in network marketing, network promotion and use in the appropriate time, can better promote the transformation of sales, better sales service. Network marketing college teacher Yang Tao as we summed up the ten kinds of network promotion methods are common methods, I wish you all Business Flourishes

founders have two major misconceptions about the company’s control:

The development of the

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