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founder Wang Dongfeng wandering Sina Technology Plan

Wang Benren did not directly disclose the company’s revenue situation, but he admitted that Forgame’s revenue is far better than the two companies. IResearch game analyst Cao Di said their information, "Forgame is a research and development as the core competitiveness of the web game company, in the overall strength of R & D and R & D game revenue Chinese web games were among the top five and top three".

I think the above reason we all understand, but in the actual operation, we rarely bother to think about the value chain of the industry’s problems, rarely think about how to use innovative services to attract more users. The reason is very simple, because before.

Wang Dongfeng himself is described: select a user love products, rapidly expand the flow, and then make money quickly, I have to do this many times at home.

"he has a very comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the Internet as well as a very practical one." To get an "Chinese webmaster king" Cai Wensheng such a description, no pushovers. Cai China is the most successful domain operators, is also a successful Internet serial entrepreneur, who founded the success of its Web site navigation 265 sold to shlf1314, and founder of the largest game distribution platform of 4399.



I remember more than a year ago, and that around the city of Guangdong Province Telecom friends do wireless value-added business, I am very optimistic about the value of communication including wireless value-added in this industry, because the communication of voice service is a rigid market, so-called rigid means and economic development, the local national production this is a gross hook, a mathematical model can count out the box, I believe that the communications industry inside responsible for strategic planning must know how to make the data model, that is to say the voice market capacity is so large. And with the relative value-added business market, she is a flexible market, can not be estimated, because the essence of the value-added business, she is not in the traditional sense of the telecommunications business, earn not consumers due to the communication demand of the consumer, she earns money may be the entertainment industry, she make possible is the education industry money, etc.. Therefore, communication value-added service market potential is great. In recent years, all operators are thinking, decline in voice tariff, call duration decline, how to continue to increase the proportion of value-added services. So, be sure to say, communication value-added service the market potential is huge.


Cao Di is based on, currently has 400~500 R & D personnel of the web game company in China is rare, and sometimes a web game may only need more than 10 research

, a 36 year old Internet entrepreneur, has the ability to start from scratch and attract tens of millions of users in just a couple of months, and spend tens of thousands of dollars a month in.

yesterday afternoon a good friend asked me out to dinner, saying is to ask, if you do SP, now how do? Wow, I heard him say so, I thought the meal I don’t eat well, such a heavy topic, how should I answer? Think later, or it is you the exchange of experience in chat, the way to meet a friend, agreed.

eat, I have a deep feeling. Do value-added services for more than three years of time, he asked my deepest feelings, I told him to do SP, to kill both black and white, black and white only, this is very loyal to his advice that I. Now conclude, do SP black too many things, sometimes even I was a veteran of the SP hard black one, you can admire? Ask for celebrities, one of my colleagues before, I was seeing him from a fine young man, "later, he saw the fall" is no longer the "fallen" and leave, he said it right: if we didn’t do SP, very easy to find, the red and the blue biography, learning by doing, one on the line, anyway, into this business, do not put yourself into a heap of good. Tie is found dead, is not tied to die, the mass is the hard truth, the relation is productivity. If encounter a temporary has not been found mobile path is developed. But death is not a chance.

believe it or not. Take the Forgame group, the company that he is taking care of at the moment. In 2008 he began formal operations, but only in the past four years, the company has now become invisible champion China web game field real – users have billions of dollars, Chinese top ten Webpage Game inside, Forgame occupies 7, the annual income of up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Prior to this, the most famous company in the field was Kunlun’s world wide and interesting tour. In 2011, the revenues of the two companies were only about 600 million yuan.

review: October 3rd, China’s largest web game company holding wandering Forgame group listed on the main board of Hongkong, on the first day rose more than 32%, the market value of more than $1 billion. Before that, the company was little known and was a typical invisible champion. In September 2012, Yin Sheng WeChat jia-zhi-xian had an exclusive interview to Forgame founder Wang Dongfeng, published in the year after the written Forbes Chinese version of the magazine, the paper tells the story of who Wang Dongfeng is and how he is in just five years, from scratch to make Forgame quickly in a fierce competition industry, grow into a $1 billion company.

is the industry really so black? This is the SP industry so to black down

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