Witkey website creative power products online for cashFive subjective reasons for failure of Taobao

at present, the domestic Wangzhuan personnel, few did not come into contact with Taobao customers. Taobao passenger inside money people also comply with the 28 law, or the 20% people to make money and get a considerable amount of commission, the remaining 80% are likely to do free promotion. Look at the Taobao customer Longhu list, a week’s income can exceed 20W, what is this concept. I believe that when you start off when Taobao promotion, to have such a profitable way is very envious. Why are there 20, 80 of the gap, some friends through the site to Taobao customers, although many hits, but one or two weeks had no income; some friends in the forum to do Taobao guest blog, and learning the methods of other people severely do a few weeks, too little. I do believe, why Taobao guest failure is varied, why we could not replicate the success of others? Why in Taobao customer forums top the highest posts we use effect is not so good? Today is to sum up several Taobao guest should know the reason.

1. the lack of Wangzhuan ideas and thinking of

"I don’t want to get married in October, because of extravagance and waste, banquets close relatives and good friends only in a small area, so the scale is not big, but it does not want too cold, so please give advice and suggestions can help you hero."
this is September 7th, a "Sunny Doll" users on the site K68.cn a collection of Witkey wedding game "post published. On this web site, this post is often referred to as "mission"".
unfortunately 198 unsuccessful, because only one winner can get a bonus, so they made no direct labor return.
Qianwei Witkey "no way, yuandufushu." K68’s station chief named the model, which consumes a lot of labor, as "resource destruction type"". However, this "destruction" of resources is clearly not prohibitive.


in addition, the best Taobao customers often have their own unique cheats, such as recent copy is badly meager. When the poor at the beginning, there are a number of passengers on Taobao. All in this industry, be sure to pay attention to the Internet what happened with what you do, see if there is no better Wangzhuan strategy. Don’t stop thinking, is the essential element of Taobao customer success.

you know, think good.

execution is an indispensable tool for Taobao customers. Most Taobao customers are individual combat, so its unremittingly and operation speed is the guarantee of the execution.

often see Taobao customer forums and other forums about Wangzhuan Wangzhuan expert experiences and methods of their own. These methods we can see, but the real implementation, may not others write so smoothly. Do you think carefully, you will own the core things to tell you you. The forum is a method of Taobao customers, with many strategies also said that through this forum can get what a good income. The real implementation, need to see your team how much, how many execution, to which forum posting will be effective, how to lead users attention and so on, a series of problems, may be you need to think about. Don’t just look at others, feel feasible, combining their resources to think.

can be said that the good idea is more important than anything. Especially in the Wangzhuan circle of friends, should exercise their own thinking. Fortune can dream, dream thousand can. However, the true operation, must have a strategy and plan. A lot of time Wangzhuan’s hard work, in order to make our efforts to obtain the proper harvest, more should take a good look at our work is not in the right direction.

The lack of execution of

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