China mobile phone two dimensional code father struggling 6 years looking forward to mobile payment

"two-dimensional code can solve the identification and information between people and objects, which is of great interest to me."." Wang Yue is acutely aware of the two-dimensional code business, the thought of a mobile phone after the two-dimensional code can be applied to all aspects of life, he was tempted excitement, after 15 days of thinking, he decided to return home, "even if I am willing to do."


the beginning of

himself to open a shop, just wait for people to advertise, suitable for small and medium-sized webmaster to do.

, for the first time, I don’t write much. I can’t write well. I’ll write better next time.

Ali mom recently released the new "advertising shop", and Taobao shop model. Rely on advertising is also a commodity to do, in fact, Ma is very good, think of these. This will be the first money making in 08 years.

returns to business,

Two ways to make money in

is like a spring breeze, and the two-dimensional code almost permeates every corner of Chinese life. Wang Yue, founder of China’s "father of two-dimensional codes," said that although few people do not understand two-dimensional code, but 10 years ago, he told people to understand the two-dimensional code, but it is very difficult.

has a bed, the computer opens, and then a look at his website. Site:www.qkjdm is there a lot of included, to see whether the sh419 /shlf1314 update every day, and next is to open your own website statistics, to see how many people visited their station yesterday. But some Adsense results are not very pessimistic, we are sad Jishijibaijiqian?. Or get to the point.

is willing to do."

Japan orders won the first pot of gold

2008’s ways of making money:

believes that all the webmaster are making money for their website in meditation. When you get up early every morning, the first thing is to turn on the power and turn on the computer. Sometimes I forget whether I washed my face or brushed my teeth yesterday. This is not what I said casually, you are very clear.

Wang Yue company developed mobile payment products

major alliances also raise unit prices. Pop, click, monthly. You don’t have to introduce them.

, "it’s time to be happy, and the difficulty is to prove how real happiness is." this month, Wang Yue has started 15th anniversary. From the brilliant to weak, then more entrepreneurial Wang snatched from the jaws of death, 15 years experienced too much.

returned home, Wang Yue led the team has participated in the development of Chinese letter code, the development of mobile bar code application specifications. However, in the intelligent mobile phone is not widely popular, and to the 2008 international financial crisis, the company Wang Yue almost to the brink of collapse, he described that is "XinBiTianGao life than thin paper".

Wang Yue

, 2002 >

Wang Yue studied computer science at Heilongjiang University. She graduated from university and went to Japan. She started from moving boxes until she became the technical director of a Japanese company.


, Wang Yue left Japan for nearly three years and returned to Beijing to start his own business.

2014, with the popularity of mobile payments, Wang Yue’s company finally ushered in a turnaround, he led the team wholeheartedly into the field, for the two time, completed their own and the company’s gorgeous turn.

2008 how to earn some money with your website in the Olympic year?. Do station first is to make money, this is our small and medium-sized webmaster idea. Generally large points of the webmaster is a entertainment oriented. But after all, we spent a lot of time on the website above, every day SEO own website, see other webmaster friend’s website is very beautiful, very unique. I want to go to my website to change the next version. in fact, small and medium-sized personal webmaster discomfort, many times revised.

One of After

at that time, Wang Yue in Japan as a private hospital care management project, for the management of patients and drugs need to introduce two-dimensional code. This is the first time to contact the king of two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code technology at the time Wang Yue remembers a module of the price as high as $999, is very expensive, but then found Wang Yue application of two-dimensional code can be very broad, "it gives me a very big imagination."

, Wen / Guangzhou daily, all media reporter Li Hua, Du Anna,


in 2002, Wang Yue came into contact with two-dimensional codes in Japan, and this new invention instantly made him feel "great imagination"". Before long, he decided to start his business with a two-dimensional code.

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