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The third chapter:

in the possession of their own products, we have to do is to promote the problem. Increase marketing strength, through a variety of marketing means to promote their products, this is a must pay enough attention to things. A variety of marketing tools and does not mean to 75% or more of the budget funds to copy paper and website publicity and so on, but the website operator must consider how to expand the marketing method, only to find their own marketing policy, in order to ensure the normal operation of a company or website, product.

the P2P streaming industry mentioned above, it can be clearly seen that the profit model is "TV + Internet". In the form of television, you can plug in ads on the program, play ads when you’re buffering, or watch by charging, or interact via radio. In the form of the Internet, the current advertising model can be applied. As a result of the website characteristic, even if makes a good advertisement the big broadcast, also can have the audience to watch. Of course, >

two, pay attention to user feedback,

bad SP, in many Web 2 sites in the eye is a meat and potatoes. An investment in the Web 2 site CEO told the author, in order to make the company’s funds rolling as soon as possible, is considering the acquisition of a SP.

Some large scale

"sit down and picked up the pen, each customer to discuss all the details of each with a down method including fixed packaging, brochures and other paper products." The president of the United States Federal enterprise website column, marketing company editor Jordan suggested that Tim. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the feedback of users on our products. Through the user feedback, you can get all the information that users need to know and need to get. Only in this way can we adjust the product in real time and meet the needs of users and retain users. Pay attention to user feedback, namely we often say to the user as the core to make a product, do so out of the product is useful for users, only useful products to get good sales, to create profits for the company or individual.

three, reduce audience audience

to the traditional wireless revenue to support the concept of Web2.0 website, in the upsurge of There are plenty of people who dial 2. In the industry, it seems that these companies have wireless business base is lucky enough, more Web2.0 sites still for how to get the first big single and worry.

in the early days of entrepreneurship, most entrepreneurs have limited strength. Then we can take some special channels to expand the sales channels of our products. For example, we can hire local college students as part-time workers, or even barter with other family businesses. In this way, we can expand the marketing channel of our products.

business is the most taboo is wide and not fine. The idea of trying to make a product that everyone loves is extremely wrong. No one can make everyone like it


IDG has invested in a number of Web 2 sites, but President Li Jianguang is still unsure. He believes that Web2.0 so far there is still no clear business model. He reckons the boom will be like the Internet in 1999 and 2000, when it comes to a very tight integration period, and only a small number of businesses will eventually grow.

to explore the profit model is a very hard thing, from a few are doing P2P streaming media website, only green entertainment site has some advertising revenue, several other reports did not Nadechushou houston. CEO, a P2P site, had previously revealed that there were no other sources of revenue other than the occasional income from technical services.

, creating multiple marketing tools,

, an imported term Web 2, has almost dominated China’s Internet for two years and has become the subject of much interest among many people. It has been portrayed as a revolution in China’s internet. Behind the Web 2 fiery, what is the revolutionary advantage over the 1 site? Let’s spend a week telling you about the real features of Web 2. Look at the NetEase science and technology special plan – Rethinking the Web2.0 series.

advertising, wireless and games, these three business income is almost all of China’s first generation of Internet companies. And Web2.0 website also did not find the profit point outside these three big blocks. Relying on a huge user base, part of the traditional web site, known as 1, has been able to generate revenue from value-added services on the internet.

business model unknown Web 2 to find new profit point

entrepreneurship is the process by which an entrepreneur organically integrates the resources he possesses to create greater economic or social value. The process of entrepreneurship is hard and full of thorns. Everyone on the road to start this business at the moment, think of how much time will be their own success. Success is for everyone, and everyone hopes to make more economic value through their own efforts to meet their own needs. How can I show my style on the road of entrepreneurship? What should I do to try my best? Below, the author makes some brief discussions and suggestions on this aspect. Deficiencies, but also please enjoy your friends tucao.

Web2.0 website, days of relatively easy, although a short period of time the situation can not be greatly improved, but the total number of two laps with investment, the website live without much of a problem.

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