Fast bag Xu Zhiming entrepreneurs Jingdong and other large enterprises to imitate Ali is a dead end7

6. seriously consider employees’ ideas. If the employee has not been proposed creative attention, seriously consider is rejected, or worse by employers and ridicule, so innovation and enthusiasm of the staff will not continue. If employers and employees are friends, they will hurt each other’s feelings. You can develop a system for acquiring employee creativity to ensure that innovative ideas do not fade into the black hole. Listen carefully to the creativity and respect of each employee, while ensuring that other employees follow the same attitude.

1. set a good example. An innovative business needs to start with the founders and the executives. Even the most creative founders don’t have the power to drive innovation, it needs someone to lead it. Tell your employees in your own actions not just verbally to make innovation part of your daily routine and let employees know that you value innovation very much.

Xu Zhiming does not think he is a failure, only "broken capital chain", "one hour delivery" mode is not bad, but he is no shortage of buyers. "A big company is the hope that after the acquisition of funds will be introduced into the fast bag of money to one hour to do business conversion form again, because he told me the judgment is the same thing, and sometimes fertility days." Xu Zhiming believes that if investors inject money and are willing to continue to do, "one hour delivery" is still a potential model of development.

3. offers rewards. As a startup, you don’t have a lot of cash on hand, but you can still reward your creative team in other ways. Public recognition, bonuses, paid vacations, or promotions, for example, are good ways to recognize innovative employees. Even if employee innovation does not work eventually, as a business owner, you should also let the public know that you are very grateful for your staff’s efforts in innovation.

"burn money" is not sure to die? I’m afraid not, Jingdong mall is still in the loss, many video sites are still desperately burn money. For Internet companies, in order to consolidate the market share after the brilliant tomorrow, burning money is almost inevitable.

does not seem to sell the news she was surprised, but he actually lasted so long ". As she marveled at the life of her fast bag, she listed the fatal flaw in what she thought was the fast bag model. "Free freight, 1 hours delivery" is its iconic service, this model has also been the major electronic business platform imitation. However, a small website do too large platform? Since the adoption of the amount of money of goods, warehousing, logistics, self built one hour arrival this mode needs too much, it is very difficult to achieve to meet these needs focus, to burn a lot of money."

4. writes innovation into the employee’s job description. Put it in the evaluation process, that is, employees can be rewarded when they innovate, while others need to actively seek innovation. These should apply to every employee of the company from the customer service to the engineering supervisor. Not every employee can provide constructive advice for the company’s business model, but they are able to reflect on their work and provide valuable advice.

"since the fast schoolbag was on the line in June 8, 2010, I knew the day would come sooner or later.". I didn’t expect Xu Zhiming to last 5 years." That soon will be the founder of the sale of bag news, Hongkong news network editor Li Yan expressed his surprise.


5. conducts daily hacking activities regularly. Learn shlf1314’s famous 20% project, which allows employees to spend one day a week, about 20% of their time, outside of work. The company can make a day off every morning or one day in the morning, and employees can explore what they are interested in and create unlimited creativity in their free time.

fast bag is how to send.

Beijing time July 19th, according to foreign media reports, innovation is, or at least should be deeply embedded in the technology start-up company DNA an important attribute. However, as a founder, if your employee has to work 18 hours a day, then you have to ask him or her to use their creative ability, which will be very challenging. Here are 7 constructive suggestions for enterprise founders to stimulate employee enthusiasm for Innovation:

, which claims to do "online 711" of the electricity supplier, with the sale can be explained to investors". But for many of the "one hour delivery" mode, and the worship worship of entrepreneurs, "one hour arrival" can not be successful? You need a fast bag to charm the process? Exactly how capital chain rupture? These problems still need to get the whole case checking "answer".

2. recognize goals. Innovation doesn’t happen. Each team member should be aware of the business goals of the start-up company and the goals that should be achieved at each stage of development. This will give them an idea of what are the priorities and which areas may benefit from fresh creativity.

Abstract: Xu Zhiming believes that large enterprises do the right thing in the past, "there is no enterprise, especially start-up small companies and entrepreneurs, you want to imitate large enterprises, that is a dead end."." Moreover, in Xu Zhiming’s eyes, the so-called vertical division of the platform opportunities have been less and less.

and the sale, in Xu Zhiming seems to be more like "give investors an account."." "I put two million dollars, but for me is not the loss of assets, money from speaking, and I have gained so much honor, the biggest loss is investors, because I spent a total investment of about ten million dollars, the about ten million dollars I always have an answer."

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