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first, let’s talk about the status quo. Now the website on the Internet more than cattle think, if you do not make money, why should anyone want to have to do a website, is to serve the people? No!!! There are a few side ah. We do website, there is only one purpose, is to make money!

third, now do website, really make money, and can be said to be able to make big money. This depends on your fighting mentality, you should choose a profit model. Million can not blind to do the station, there is no good profit model, do is white. What kind of profit model does the website have, what kind of website can make money, these problems, we can go to sh419 search, here is not detailed.

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Ma Yun: the Internet competition is the time, if you think the site can make money, then do not hesitate, act quickly, to study well, good to do stand ideas, a good profit, steadfast to do, believe you will earn money.

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fourth, do not just because you have done a small station, do not make money, do not, and that the site does not make money, remember to do web site, but also need to adhere to, as long as the stick down, there will be results. Do not want to build a web site, the beginning of the dream of how much money earned, it is unrealistic. Actually, it’s hard to make money for half a year without a good profit model. Unless there is a good profit model, such as e-commerce, the sale of goods, you can get huge profits in the short term,


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fifth, it is better to know some techniques, such as programming language, etc.. It would be best if you could understand the technique. Of course, do not understand technology, nor is it not through the site to make money. Now, many people who don’t know the technology make a lot of money, and this is back to the profit model, huh?.

in addition, there are too many websites on the Internet, those big station competition, our station is very difficult with others, but remember that any station is a station to start the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Don’t dream start the construction site, is a station, it is almost impossible, how could eat into a big fat

many users have asked the Chinese Wangzhuan network, web site can make money? Now the website on the Internet so much, now the site can make money? When friends ask me this question, I feel very funny

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