Chinese click Wangzhuan liar metamorphosisOnline Entrepreneurship VC is in the water month

hair extension rich uncle engaged in Chinese click Wangzhuan project for more than three years of history, has a deep understanding of some irregularities in the Chinese click wangzhuan. As in the Chinese click Wangzhuan basically is to click Wangzhuan novice, lack of basic ability to judge, deceived or not received money to lose confidence and interest in Chinese click wangzhuan. Some rich uncle Mao trap today in the presence of Chinese click Wangzhuan do a simple summary, hope to have a little help to the majority of the members.

2. low scores of low pay fraud: this Chinese click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project has some hidden. Only 50% of the general line of commission, click on the score is not high, 0.5 to 1 points per click, pay a penny or a few cents. If you click on the upgrade of a senior member of scores increase, referral increased to 100%. This station upgrade cost is not high, generally five yuan to fifty yuan. But because of the low payment will attract too many members, even if you may upgrade the senior member in a month to earn the cost, the future really is just. This station has one percent people if his membership upgrade webmaster fortune. After you upgrade you will find your money more and more slowly, the collection cycle is very long, especially the original website or click on the ads how one. Cheat you top.

one, VC is water in the month, looks beautiful, but can only look at, can not get, is a fairy tale, give you hope, give you dreams, wake up, why should you go?.

so thinking of looking for VC friend, it is best to find things out, to feed themselves, and then slowly find network, it seems that everywhere is an opportunity, there is gold, but the real pick up gold is one of the few, most people especially the grassroots webmaster, life than people work hard, why? Turn a joke:
a Fupo nightclub for fun, the boss picked a few handsome, rich is not satisfied with the boss; and pick a few strong guy, still not satisfied fupo. The boss asked what exactly that woman want to say, her physical strength, vigorous, able to work overtime, staying up late, the boss heard the music, mouth shouted: "those who engage in the website, to pick me out!"

‘s personal view of tiger Valley:

rich uncle Mao custom Chinese click Wangzhuan liar: do not pay Chinese, pay part or click Wangzhuan only pay a small amount, to upgrade as bait for members of the cash, to upgrade the membership requirements of membership registration certain website, not to register some websites for the non payment of reason.

1. high score, high referral click Wangzhuan fraud: This is a typical form of deception. To sh419 as the representative of a click Wangzhuan, score as high as 1.08 yuan, a referral commission of 58%. Webmaster website source of income in where? The name of deception under the banner of sh419, is a member of the cheat upgrade costs two cheat advertising, advertising how much charge fee to send the same amount of clicks. Because the owners often pay a portion of the member of course is small, so when people pay more special upgrade. As long as you search for "the sh419 keyword Wangzhuan liar", you will find how many posts in innocence. Click on the high score high referral commission, are generally not long, cheat you top.

3. requires some deception: this website member registration stations generally easy to pay, but the condition is that you must register one or several other Wangzhuan, do not pay or. The typical number of "rain * * Wangzhuan", registered to send you two yuan, pull a line to send two yuan, my God, what stationmaster pay you so much money? You do this station, you can enjoy the day account money slowly rose for fun, but you can not get money, fun will slowly become angry, although you have no economic loss, but your time and your energy.

in many business class site or forum, there will be about how to attract VC, investors are becoming more rational in the case of duhugu believes that for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, especially Internet entrepreneurs, the last few about this thing, why? Because VC’s probability of finding you is about the same as that of the five million prize, it’s a small probability event from a mathematical point of view, and for you personally, the probability is zero".

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