Hot spot analysis why is number valuableRely on the beauty to make money to update the prospectus

flourished in desktop tools, in the mobile Internet era derived as super app, and then to enter the game and hardware, Mito in the United States in the field of doing the best. Although there is still no profit, but in recent months, the United States will soon be on the IPO more and more news, as more and more news was exposed, the future of the road to business is gradually clear.

have a lot of female user traffic, free app can not be realized that beauty map chose to walk in the future business line, in the updated prospectus, Mito said in the first half of 2017 is expected to launch a social e-commerce platform, and based on the ideas about on-line business platform, has formed a beautiful picture the preparatory team.

, what kind of number is considered good? Why is the valuable? How can the combined value of be assessed and calculated? These are a lot of " fan " caring issues. I will make an analysis from several aspects, for enthusiasts reference.

the need to explain, because the Tencent is very sensitive about the transaction, so the price will fade, only to compare similar; and in each period, the market price is not the same.

Analysis of the value of

A, from the number to

That is the early application of

in 2001 when they were forced to withdraw a lot a few I know many friends are in a small period of time was taken by the long-term use of the trumpet. Password protection began in 2000 as an excuse for taking back their trumpets. 8888899999100000. These numbers have also been issued, but the Tencent internal use of work will take up, and later faced with the recovery of misfortune.

the reason for this phenomenon is, because at that time to open a chat room " Liang competition". The first is the Tencent Inc insiders do on hands and feet, Liang withheld, and later the company has disclosed the number of up, causing the phenomenon now gone pretty.

The 111112222233333

is not too good advertising business for profit, beautiful figure in the prospectus said plans to launch an upgraded version of the advertising platform before the end of 2016, the platform will launch a comprehensive and innovative advertising solutions, to provide more advertisers advertising inventory. And for entertainment games and props system, at present, Mito has launched a hand swim in April of this year, and in June this year, in the United States to shoot live and short video to join the video reward function.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan



ride ride on a short video and broadcast outlets, beat the performance of beauty tours bring the performance growth rate is considerable, since 2016.


in August this year submitted a prospectus Mito, in November 28th on the prospectus was updated, showing its future plans for the electronic business platform, as well as the next profit direction and goals.

apparently for Mito, will flow into the electronic business platform is to achieve profitability directly important step, because from the current situation, although the picture processing market itself is in good condition, the map is in the market share is fully deserve the boss, but whether Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera, or beauty after the launch of the film, the expression of factories, are merely a tool for app success. Relying on tools is difficult to make profits – no one will look at ads in a tool, and tools are not good for advertising. The amount of users is like a check that is hard to cash. But if the flow into the electronic business platform, the current figure for the female consumer spending capacity, may get a good profit outlook.

direction of profitability is not only the business platform, in the United States and World Conference held on the 6 months of this year, senior vice president of the United States figure company of North and CTO Zhang Wei revealed enough, beauty map of the future commercialization will start from three directions: advertising, games and business.

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