From 0 to 1 is the emperor’s new clothes nnovation is just an accident entrepreneurs should return

buy the book, there is a reason to follow suit. After the buy back with the fastest speed to read, but did not have much impact on the thinking, the contents of the entire book is very dull, speaks the content but also some experts say was successfully countless things, that is the importance of innovative thinking.

Peter Till told us, don’t pay attention to from 1 to N, and from 0 to 1 to think about, looking for a people not to find the point of view, and then become the market monopoly, to obtain the absolute profit. But it is a universal truth to deepen, which translates to tell startups don’t do market follower, and to become a market maker, looking for the blue ocean market, with innovative thinking to lead the market.

we summarize some of these key words: innovative thinking, blue ocean market, monopoly market and absolute profit.

if the success of interested friends, will not be unfamiliar to the words, open markets in the past more than and 10 years of successful school books, these things are all about. However, why from 0 to 1 in the science and technology circles will be so fire? In fact, the fundamental reason, I am afraid that is the head of the halo on the head of Peter Till: Paypal founder, Silicon Valley venture Godfather and Paypal gang.

familiar with the circle of friends all know, founder of SpaceX, founder of Tesla, are members of the PAYPAL Gang, and the two companies is one of the most popular technology companies, Tesla’s hot know a bit of Internet friends all know, SpaceX is the most with a sense of the future of the enterprise, and has obtained a formal contract NASA NASA.

there is a reason, I am afraid that follow the trend of speculation, it is like the emperor’s new clothes, they say the things you said is not good is not seen, not to mention the book on the bottom page there are so many chiefs recommended.

some people would say that this book on the monopoly economy has made a new point of view, then Eric can only say that you may not seriously read the book. For a long time for the monopoly of the economy, Peter Till has long been written in the book, this is not the original view of Peter Till, but economists have debated the topic for many years.

do not follow the market, to change the world

now the Internet business market (GEM itself has become a business), a popular business unit will change the world trend, everyone has a majestic momentum, in fact, think carefully will find it is very terrible. There is nothing wrong with changing the world vision itself, but if it is to change, it might be a little have the order reversed.

if we go back to history carefully, we will find that this innovation, in fact, with a great deal of time and time.

change the world

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