Electricity supplier maintenance of the whole channel order road

When the channel

brands online expansion, often referred to the concept of "channel is king", with the continuous development of e-commerce, business as a kind of new and complex channels, the brand enterprises more and more deeply.

now, several major electricity supplier platform flow, the market share of each points enterprises in the electricity supplier channels might already burn Ming, electricity market structure is already showing, compared to the short chain, teach controllable degree get offline channels, online channels of distribution chain length, wide distribution network dimensions are not enterprises familiar with the whole network marketing channel electricity supplier of the whole operation, the electricity supplier channels diversified complicated situation, the Internet information plus speed degeneration and incremental maintenance, line channel order means on the network channels often fail, for brands, at the same time bring yields surge has lingering channel order all side effects of chaos.

one, parallel goods and genuine goods at the same time flooded in the market, consumers are difficult to distinguish between genuine and false, the brand image has been affected by

on the Internet, a brand, especially selling brand, with massive edge ball products, even smuggled goods, so that consumers enjoy the preferential network at the same time, every hour and moment is not similar, fake brand ", smuggled goods surrounded by false ones; the dragons and fishes jumbled together, similar to the Taobao C2C platform. Several platforms have millions of C shop sellers, supply channels authorization is not transparent, breeding a lot of gray areas, for the vast majority of brand enterprises hate but also helpless, regardless of the number of large and small businesses, sales channels all over the network, enterprises want to eliminate channel true or false, infringement of this point. Experience means once into the network environment has already failed.

two, channel price system without discipline, enterprise online and offline contradictions in the channel, the management efficiency is low,

on the Internet, you want to think of the goods are sold online, you want to get the unexpected price online can be found, even if the same is genuine, the price is far, no remarkable discipline channel price system. Online confusion has also directly touched the interests of the traditional channel distributors under the line, escalating contradictions intensified.

this, take most of brand enterprises in the product line is segment positioning, complementary bit line general practices, provide some affordable price network for money or bank deposits, the difference in the line channels for new products, and image models, adopt uniform pricing practices of online and offline. This will not only ensure the sales order of the channel under the line, but also not lose the situation of the cake on the cutting line.

however, the breadth and depth of the Internet, still let the enterprises in the price order management channel lost control, on the one hand, the change of network channel information is too fast, a huge amount of information, the lack of technical means of monitoring timely and accurately, on the other hand, authorized the sale of businesses is only part of a large number of.

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