How to optimize websites with keen visitor preferences

The development of

vehicle for hundreds of years, now all kinds of operating mode and position are relatively fixed, we can say that no matter which you change a car up, you can look about the basic operation, this is a hundred years of accumulated experience, the user experience has been fully cured. Look at the mobile phone, since the development of 20 years, and almost the time, but we can find out the mobile phone keyboard and computer keyboard format cured faster, has been the basic shape, and the mobile phone interface and the computer interface software or web interface, is still in the stage of all kinds of. Due to the flexibility of the interface and the development of time after all relatively short, we can say that the mobile phone interface and the maturity of the site interface is far from a stable stage. That’s what this article is going to focus on: in an immature field, we have more opportunities for success, and the web is at this stage.

may I have some departmentalism, I always think of websites and traditional products does not have what difference, is to meet the target audience’s preferences, only visitors love with your site, your site will have vitality. Therefore, we can refer to the development thinking of the consumer goods industry for over a hundred years, and pay attention to the habits and attitudes of users. In fact, with China saying: "the enemy, victorious". The successful brand attaches great importance to the attitude of consumers, whether from the ancient kings incognito, to the mysterious visitors of modern consumer goods companies. On the train from the views of market survey this street often encountered, these are reflected in the attitude of the consumers are accustomed to attention, only to understand what consumers want, then in accordance with the requirements to do, so that consumers will love you with something, will you pay for. Therefore, I would like to say: website should pay attention to the preferences of visitors, according to the habits of visitors to optimize their own attitude to the site.

then how do? Website is a new thing, but for twenty years, and the consumer behavior research has been relatively mature, we can study consumer behavior of some traditional methods in the field of reference to the site field. Here, from the point of view of market research methods of traditional consumer goods industry, this paper introduces several research methods that can be applied in the field of website:

Study of

secondary information is read data available and reference to other existing site practice, learn from experience, this point we believe that many owners have been fully used in this is not to say,


depth interview: in the traditional industry practice is to meet with consumers, according to a qualitative interview, for half an hour to an hour one-on-one conversation, can the depth dig out what are the specific content to consumers are not satisfied with the place, what is the specific reason, etc.. In this way the use of the website, can be more flexible, we can use the above interviews, also can be in our QQ, MSN to find objects, and receive access to the exchange, the efficiency will be high. The key points of this method >

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