Dewdrops tell about websites selling advertising bits

your website advertising to sell it, is sold in what way, today I will talk about someone recently received without any conditions that advertising, under normal circumstances is people should at least look at your station what flow, user groups, and recently some people do not see traffic do not look at the users, as long as the station he received, does the world out of money.

1. Disadvantages of selling ads

The only requirement for

to receive ads is to put a JS ad code. We all know, whether it is GG or Sogou, what is, to traffic in order to have money, no traffic, no money. But these people of advertising is to put these Sogou what advertising, not to flow, they where to return, this is not simple, borrow your station with cheating software, go to brush, one hour of family income may give you a month income. Anyway, not his own station, of course, a lot of brush.

we sell advertising webmaster can suffer, if they are advertising brush Sogou, you want to use this station to apply for Sogou advertising, it is basically impossible, because you are into the blacklist. Therefore, we must be careful as small and medium-sized webmaster, do not want to earn what kind of money, and some money is not earned.

two. The benefit of selling advertising positions

of course, if your station is a garbage, this kind of advertising, you can sell a lot of rest assured to others, anyway, put also put, can change a little money is a little money. But these people who accept advertising, they are not what kind of station are collected, and in that case, he is not their own meters, the construction of a new station, a large number of brush can not get it. They want to see is Alexa world rankings, how many is what price, not within 100W, people do not want. Why do you want to be within 100W, and this can not be an algorithm for them. I think the Alexa will be considered as a tool to use for reference.

three. I play brush ad bit

if you have the time, do not have to buy their own points to brush advertising software to brush, and others to the station to do the class, it is better to play try, saying that it can not be another way to make money. But to tell you the truth, the advertisers aren’t fools. You use software to brush them up. They’re always untrue. As long as they’re stared at, they’ll see. But you can try it yourself. Maybe you can make a small fortune with your luck.

sum up, we have a small webmaster website is not easy, not what is greed, some can not do, we must think twice. Here, I wish you all good luck, happy every day. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS website: http://s.www.luzhuba.>

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