Female website road how to go

I am a novice webmaster, just do stand more than 2 months, during this period of time to do stand in the taste salty taste a variety of sour, sweet, bitter, hot site, development, technology, space, art, the content of many of the problems, first talk about some thoughts the development of women in this website, hope that the new and old friends in the exhibitions.


is doing to enrich and activate women’s websites and attract more women to women’s websites is a concern for many people. Some people think that women’s website should meet at least four needs: the first is to provide useful information to women’s needs, such as employment, childcare, decoration, etc. the daily life of the female delicacy give guidance, these things must be practical and useful. Second provide entertainment and leisure, especially for young women. Third, to provide women with inner feelings and talk about the world. Especially for women after 30. Fourth provide shopping, such as fashion, new jewelry, wearing brands and so on.

on the female website design style on this issue, I saw a lot of female counterparts, most of the same site, should not change much. The most important thing is to provide what kind of content and services, style should be placed in the next. Women’s websites should at least be trendy and able to interpret the language of fashion. As for women’s Web site, is the purpose of life, emotional support, or browse for information?. Or shopping at the women’s website and so on, I personally think that the development of women’s websites should provide contents and service characteristics, pay more attention to the specific problems encountered in the actual life of women, and women help solve these problems. It’s the trend. Such as emotional pouring, such as daily life, practical problems, etc..

currently has a certain distance between women’s Web sites and Internet users’ expectations. First of all, the lack of personalized service, the same content (mostly mutual Collection), so that female Internet users can not get what practical things. Secondly, the gender of women websites is too strong. Both form and content are too simple, which will exclude male Internet users. What’s more, the content of the clothing and beauty category is no longer popular. (through my webmaster Statistics) female Internet users expect information and colorful content that is close to the reality of life. My site’s garden is to solve this problem.

The potential site of the actual object

female female health investment is very large, the majority of the market, only to the women’s website in content and services make a feature article, can be recognized and accepted by netizens. Want to do women website webmaster more exchanges, communication, discuss the female website way out where?.

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