The nternet business failure of college students a team but readme differences and giant siege ridg

Internet business failure of college students: a readme but the team differences and giant siege ridge

TechWeb June 11th reported text / Xiao Fang

"next month is going to disband, anyway, this has been, is not what good talk." Li graduated a year ago after Internet entrepreneurs to join the tide of some mentally and physically exhausted. A year ago the entrepreneurial passion only stay in the diary, vowed venture he shut himself vanish like soap bubbles, do not want to go out at home, or even see entrepreneurs will have the same experience with their own "schadenfreude".

human resources and social security department data show that last year, and Xiao Li, after graduating from college to choose entrepreneurship, nearly 480 thousand people, an increase of 3%. Most of them choose the Internet venture, Ma Yun, Lei Jun and other Internet entrepreneurs are their idol idol.

Xiao Li’s dream is to be a great social application, now he no longer think of these things, the entry of a startup as a product manager, "the dream does not depend on entrepreneurship, now I think all into products also have a sense of achievement. Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive ability to study, but most people are only suitable to do one thing, I am so."

and Li almost at the same time to start a business in white, also experienced the strong wind and big waves ", at the end of last year, several partners have left, the worst time of leaving him. "Sometimes I wonder why I have to torture myself, but more often than not, I encourage myself to stick with it."

entrepreneurial tide did not make it easier to start a business

before the start, Li often in the media to see the news is "XX entrepreneurial team won ten million U.S. dollars financing", "XX’s upcoming", "people can be successful, there is also a self think why not good idea to try


Li made an anonymous social applications based on the LBS, when he started business, anonymous social applications "secret" has not yet appeared, he noticed that the unfamiliar street and did not need to be anonymous hot unfamiliar street meet. It is also noted that the anonymity of the demand, so that he had only one idea to get hundreds of thousands of dollars angel investment.

in the first few months, he put all his energy on product development. But until last November, Li’s team made a stable version of the product, the product is limited to use, UI basically no optimization. At that time, the secret has occupied the public opinion, the number of users is also rising.

see the Internet "project is apt to get tens of millions of financing, it is easy to think of entrepreneurship, you actually do understand that entrepreneurship is a very hard thing, many aspects need to comprehensive quality products, operation, market."

Xiao Li’s experience is just a microcosm of College students. Survey data from a number of universities and government departments, college students entrepreneurship

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