15 days to build the Guangdong women’s Forum

due to the hospital brand, decided to start the forum construction plan in early March, using the new two level domain name, after 15 days of construction, the "Guangdong women", "Guangdong women’s forum" and other brand keywords in Baidu and Google are ranked first. I’d like to say something about my ideas for communication.

the first step was to prepare the editorial team. I then applied with the human resources department to recruit 5 editors of the forum, as well as a forum planner and a forum for maintenance. In my personal view, in the construction of the forum, including website construction, the team is one of the most important factors, therefore, I have high requirements for forum editing and forum planning. Maybe there are a lot of people in this area. (maybe our hospital is more famous in Guangzhou), and we have all the people in place in a week. Perhaps some stationmaster says, these things can be done by a person, why should invite so many people, increase manpower cost?. In fact, the production of this concept, this may also be a lot of personal Webmaster Station growth environment, including the previous I also think so.

second step forum environment erection, plate planning. Plate planning this link, the difficulty is also quite large, both in line with the requirements of geographical sites, there is in line with the needs of women’s Internet users. It took about 2 days to discuss and finalize the preliminary plan.

filling of third steps plate content. All the content of the forum is manual and no collector is used. Therefore, generally reprinted content and topics are edited by the strict screening team, basically every BBS editor need to send 100-200 posted (late may be reduced), the workload is still very big.

Some local forum fourth step

and the Guangdong area of Links, especially some of the old site domain name Links, such as cockle, blue line, nine to five, the literature network around 2000, the old site of Links.

fifth step for moderator recruitment, but fortunately, after a week, many plates also recruit moderators.

basically more than a few steps, Google within a week rankings go up, but Baidu for new sites assessment period is relatively long, 2 weeks ranking up. However, "Guangdong women, Guangdong women’s forum, including the Guangzhou women’s forum", these keywords ranking for half a month is very stable.

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