Talk about three steps to analyze competitors’ websites


contact business has been for several years, years of experience tell myself, the domestic electricity supplier industry has gradually improved, a variety of marketing tools also prompted the entire electricity supplier industry emerge in an endless stream, towards a new direction of development. SEO, is a product of the electricity supplier industry development, the current situation, SEO is already very mature in foreign countries, but in China is still in its infancy. At this stage, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to and pay attention to their own enterprise website SEO, which also inspired a "search engine rankings" for the purpose of fighting. Although it is not a smoke of battle, but to win in this battle, as a SEOER, not only have rich theoretical basis of knowledge, but also the courage to apply theory to practice, and competitor analysis site is a basic skill for each SEOER must master. Next, I would like to chat with you about this commonplace topic.


usually, competitor websites can follow the following three steps:

step 1: analyze web content

analysis of competitors website content, the most important thing is from its Web site "title, keyword, description" of these three aspects of the content. A website to have a good performance in the search engine, website keywords and description, no trivial matter title role; at the beginning of the site, if these three aspects have just perfect work after the optimization, will be more effective, otherwise may have little effect. Therefore, we should carefully analyze the website title of the opponent’s writing, keyword planning and website description of the method of expression, in determining their own web site title, keywords, description of the time, you can refer to. Of course, all this is best before the site, once identified, it is best not to modify casually, because here will not go into details.

in addition, we can also refer to the competition website articles in the creation of the article, including the writing method and chain layout, and then on the basis of appropriate development, create a user is really interested in the content, to further enhance the user experience.

second step: analysis of site layout

analyzes the layout of a competitor’s website, especially the layout of important pages such as: home page, list page, article page, product page, etc.. Reasonable site layout, on the one hand, facilitate spider crawling, help to enhance the site included; on the other hand, users in browsing the web site can be easily jump between pages, help to enhance the user experience. Analysis of the opponent’s website at the same time, we want to compare their own website, to see what deficiencies in the layout, without affecting the site’s data, can be properly improved. Or that sentence, the layout of the site’s home page once determined, must not be in the middle of what major changes, otherwise it is tantamount to website revision.

third step: analysis of Web site outside the chain

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