What is the core experience of rich media advertising

has been operating in rich media (right corner floating) ads, the two part is the core of them, one is to introduce the quantity, the conversion rate is two.

to improve the introduction rate, the first thing to note is that users visit the target site long:


control file size

Internet advertising is different from books, magazines, there are too many people open a web page, a few seconds in a hurry, directly closed. From this aspect, we should pay special attention to optimizing the size of the "advertising files", so that the more quickly the content of the advertisement is displayed, the more visitors will be attracted. I have seen some very dazzling flash design, two hits is not ideal, why? 69% of Internet users in less than 10 seconds off the page, you need to load flash 7, 8 seconds, they did not see how, click on the


select the right size,

The existing

rich media ads, was divided into two sizes, 320*270 and 270*200, the two forms of advertising, initially gave the impression, are often better. In fact, it depends on the content. Tencent news popups, size is only 240*160, each time out of play, always attract a large number of users point to see, why? Because users feel that it is not advertising, it does not cause their resentment.


, let’s first analyze the user’s screen resolution of the target site:


If you are using

1024*768 resolution of the user, the browser sidebar for minus the width and height of only 1003× 600, put a 320*270 in the position of advertising, visual area is equivalent to 1/3 of all advertising. Put in a few years ago, the user’s ability to judge advertising is relatively low, perhaps hit rate on the up. Today, from the actual launch of the test data, not all advertising is bigger, the better, some content, the size of the 270*200, the introduction rate is higher.

specific problems specific analysis, multiple tests to find the most suitable for their products advertising size.

when we have no way to significantly raise the introduction rate, small size advertising, reduce costs, but also to ensure that one aspect of operation.

dynamic or quiet,


we only have 270× 200 position, in a limited size, show more content.

I thought, get a bunch of beautiful carousel show, a dazzling flash chaos is an effective method to enhance the rate of. Result >

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