The site has no traffic flow analysis suspected Ali mother lost a single look

how many times, how many times we landed refresh; we dreamed of transactions; many times, we are faced with zero.

seems to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, from time to time to refresh the union background, ages and the expectations, even a few cents per flush, can make people happy.

site to do, traffic came, and for a long time, no confidence. Because we have not seen the deal, did not see the commission.

degrees Niang is a mother, Ali mother is a mother, a mother, a mother, not a good service.

gradually, we began to suspect that the mother black single lost, and became a turtle son, I always feel that my mother owes you a few lists.

, these things happen to new people,


experts have been reluctant to explain the reasons for our rookie, howl also just woke up in confusion, summed up the next few points on the [flow no deal] situation.

1, non value keywords

has several friends told me that their website one day Baidu hundreds of IP, are related words, why not clinch a deal. I read their website, and the ads page, no big problem, and then see their statistics, most of the traffic comes from a worthless keywords. For example, the way to black, homemade mask, whitening methods……

some friends should have to understand, although these words and products to the black, facial mask, whitening products, but the user to search for these words, the purpose is to find a way, rather than the product! Said to "homemade", trying to find the method, what is the method that is the trick! You’re allowing no explanation directly. He recommended to buy the product, the customer can not refuse to


two, product positioning problem

men’s clothing transaction rate is higher than women’s, weight loss products than whitening products sales, masks higher than the Commission of digital products…… Most of the time, we go wrong in choosing our products. The howling had the digital camera, flow reached one thousand! One day only three to four single, promotion sales reached can get two hundred Commission also tens of thousands of digital camera, because the commission rate very low.

women buy things, like shopping, so the turnover rate is very low, but the amount of… Men buy things quickly, because the goal is clear, you need to buy. Therefore, the choice of products, we still need to spend more time.

three, web user experience

this problem everyone knows, just like the sales ladies looking for beautiful, appearance to others is the first impression. If only a few seconds, let you choose a partner of the opposite sex, 99% will choose tall handsome or white beauty, and the remaining 1% is to find a can set off their own, no confidence, you know.

from the user point to point to open several other sites, you will certainly judges, this site is beautiful, the.

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