O2O entrepreneurial life and death the ability to maintain positive cash flow

Abstract: Prime Minister Internet plus ", Internet plus traditional Entrepreneurship Based on like a raging fire that is good, although the trend, but there was a time last year due to excessive pursuit of entrepreneurs and capital, and even appeared Demons and monsters danced like mad.. The Internet seems to be + everything, such as massage, Manicure, as long as you like at home under a single, not what is the fix cannot be door-to-door service.

"Internet plus" the development of the market and the original group purchase is like, entrepreneurs and capital like a swarm of bees rushed in, finally able to survive, in fact, just a few. At the beginning of a lot of people optimistic about the field, but now there seems to be a lot of cool enough.

Internet has a strong core ability, that is, can greatly reduce the marginal cost. But many of our "Internet plus" O2O service does not solve the fundamental problem of marginal cost. For example, the door to the car wash, one hour ahead of schedule, car wash people driving a tricycle, with water and equipment to wash the car, you might as well a foot throttle or on the way to go after the wash. It is said that even if the amount of a single large, the cost of 30-50 dollars, their car to wash but lower than the price. Even if you subsidies, but also to fill when. Car wash this thing a long time ago, analysts told me that this thing is very difficult to pull, there is no fundamental solution to the problem of marginal cost through the scale, it is doomed to failure. There are friends and line car wash shop together, from the drainage line store owners to wash the car, the business was rash and too much in haste.

part of the O2O service there is a fatal drawback is that it is difficult to standardize services, in particular the need to manually complete the service. Remember to call home service aunt before, 2 hours and even a fume machine did not finish half, decisive let aunt leave. Later the undead heart and called once, but met a deft aunt, the house is very clean. Aunt called the same platform, the final service gap is very large. A careless call to the service is not good, or even poor attitude, which will allow the platform to cause permanent damage to the user. It is difficult to standardize the service, not only the loss of users, but also one of the reasons for the marginal cost is difficult to reduce.

from the marginal cost, standard service and consumption frequency, in addition to the comparison of the fire and taxi takeaway, and laundry are also consistent with the standards, and the characteristics of the laundry industry is the price is relatively high, with sufficient margin space. As far as I know, there are giant cut, but the domestic do like laundry services company O2O is the best e wash bags, e bags wash what emboldened the giant with a spell level


standard service to reduce the marginal cost, e bags wash is not a human by O2O service, laundry service core is completed by washing machine, only to pick up the clothes and artificial needs, and this kind of artificial Manicure, does not need skills such as massage, which provides endless possibilities for the expansion of the. With the machine + artificial mode, let the service standardization, can effectively control the marginal cost, and complete the development of scale.


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