What are the key factors for the development of the web game industry

as the focus of the Internet profit source, China’s online games industry still has very high attention at present. With the development of Internet software and hardware and the rising number of Internet users in China, and the change of Internet users’ demands for entertainment and leisure, the domestic online games industry has also undergone tremendous changes. Some of the traditional online looking for a new breakthrough in the game content and form, the gradual transformation of sports and leisure to enter the field of online games, web games, and A new force suddenly rises. with strong advantage in the premise, has a broad development prospects and huge market potential, and vigorously expand the game player groups and industry scale.

To promote

in this development trend, the prospects for the development of online games industry is generally optimistic about the web games, many large media network game channel have launched a web game area, directly from the media point of view is certainly a web game industry development prospects. At the same time, the web game project began to get high risk investment, including Baidu, Shanda, including large Internet Co also participate in the ranks of the Internet game market.

this phenomenon, a gaming industry believes that web games without downloading and installing the client, can operate directly in the browser, entertainment is very convenient, won the majority of users, the scale of the industry is also being gradually enlarged and the inverted triangle, the market prospects, will promote the further development of online games. And Analysys International Research shows that, web games with small investment costs, short development cycle, low technical threshold characteristics, compared to traditional online games, the risk is easy to control. In addition, iResearch released in June this year, the "2007-2008 China web game industry development report" shows that this year the field of web games market revenue will reach one hundred million yuan, the next two or three years will enter a rapid growth period.

certainly, web game advantage and development prospects for the domestic game developers and operators, has great appeal, with more and more small team added to the web game development and operation of the ranks of active web game market will be further improved, in order to forecast, web games entered a rapid growth period in the next two or three years it is Weakness lends wings to rumours..

however, the prospects for development are, after all, only prospects for development, and they do not absolutely guarantee that things will develop in the right direction. It may be said that in any event, in order to achieve the initial good vision, we must choose the right direction of development, and in the right direction, all efforts will achieve maximum results. The development of web game industry is even more so, a comprehensive analysis of market not blindly expand the size of the market, regardless of the development prospects of good, in the wrong direction under the guidance of the development of a brief peak is only the online games industry miracle flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

so, current situation of market of domestic web games is what? A little to understand the status quo of web game market are clear, the current domestic web game exists a problem, that is the product form a single, both sports and leisure type, or community to develop, the majority of ">

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