Anti Taobao union zouhuorumo owners and entrepreneurs should have a positive attitude

anti Taobao union set up to remind the executive Caution!


today published online webmaster such a news, anti Taobao union mourning protest Ma reminded Caution! Executives. Before analyzing the news, first review the "anti Taobao alliance" before the fight against Taobao mall event. In October 10th, Taobao mall issued new regulations to receive the 2012 merchant fee will be from the current 6000 yuan per year to 30 thousand yuan or 60 thousand yuan two files, most of the businesses as a service consumer security deposit deposit will be from the current 10 thousand yuan, adjusted to 50 thousand yuan to 150 thousand yuan. Taobao mall substantial increase access threshold, so that the original shopping environment has become a brutal mall, Ma said that the threshold to improve the mall is to establish a good electricity supplier credit system, to stop the mall fake phenomenon. Many small and medium-sized sellers because of the strength of the weak, unable to pay the deposit, facing exit from the risk of the mall, have expressed dissatisfaction. Then, in October 11th, a large number of mall sellers gathered YY voice composition "anti Taobao League", by attacking Han Douyi, homes and other well-known mall, big seller way to fight Taobao new regulations. Subsequently, more and more people, the more intense the incident, the anti Taobao alliance even launched a siege of Taobao headquarters, became the 3Q after the war, but also a national concern of the Internet big event.

December 18th, the anti Taobao union 19 backbone in Times Square in Hongkong against Taobao, Taobao and even set up the hall, the picture in the middle of ma. First of all, regardless of Taobao’s new regulations and small sellers between grace and resentment. Just look at the set up event has Poxian vicious. Only a dead person mourning, mourning for the living, in general seems to have been a great insult. Anti Taobao Union not only set up the hall hall, surrounded the elegiac couplet also doing evil words. "Taobao officials are furious," said Wang Shuai, chief marketing officer at Alibaba group. "I was angry and sad when I saw the pictures.". The company is determined not to leave room to reveal its true identity." Shao Xiaofeng, Secretary General of the Alibaba group, said that after the attack, Taobao would not fight back and be guilty, so he would no longer be rational in order to reason". And the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun in 19 to send a special message, reminded him to pay attention to safety. There are indications that Taobao will launch a severe crackdown on the anti Taobao coalition.

lost his way, the rebel is not the real victim,

now it seems, Taobao mall in the new regulations really exist many wrong. First of all, the rush to raise the threshold for small and medium-sized sellers of the mall is indeed a serious blow, many small and medium sellers unbearable, and then send out strong dissatisfaction and extreme behavior. Secondly, it is difficult to avoid the phenomenon of fake business in the traditional line, extending to the Taobao business platform too much, the phenomenon of fake is not a day for two days, if you want to start a fight against fakes, you should limit the mall threshold, and in the development to a certain extent to combat fake high threshold will inevitably questioned Taobao burn the bridge after crossing it. But Taobao as a domestic e-commerce

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