Enterprise website maintenance update original content how to write

Relative to the

website and industry website, enterprise website content update is a problem, early contact with enterprise website maintenance is a headache, but do a period of time, enterprise website SEO original content update is not difficult, simply from the morning century original content as follows:


1, industry news, this is done for the original contents of data sources, for example, I used the information collection of glass steel industry website, after careful editing each website background, which is different from the original, so as to avoid the search engine through


2, business news, if you are new to the enterprise, may pay more attention to things happen around, and then recorded into words, this is the original, outstanding key is the company’s brand culture and the philosophy of the company, write more, not only conducive to their own original ability, also increased the website the number included, will enhance the enterprise’s network image! I left for new material supply network brand from scratch, is a long established process, as equivalent to the development of enterprises, need to constantly maintain experience and just achievement! > 3, technical characters, the original is not easy for webmasters, but as the cognitive degree of the company’s technology and products and, if you can not write, you can request to assist other departments of the company, the original technology finishing more good to you, is the highlight keywords and such technology, content products related to


4, feelings of employees, each employee in the process with the company growing up with will have their own experiences, then ask them to write about, open up emotional column on the website, which was a very good source of original content and enhance the staff of emotion, visitors to the enterprise’s emotional cognition so, such a true to life of the enterprise, who can say it is illusory, therefore, single marketing help docking. But such as the original enterprise circumstances! When do service for tail new material company, found that most of the staff are very happy to write, because they also have real affection to the enterprise need to express


5, product alias, if you say I have finished all of the company’s product information publishing company, and have to write it? I say, of course there is. Why? There is only one product a name? He may be a dialect call, between the north and the south, so we can take the nickname for more than a day to update a product, then this is not a small number of original. Of course, different names have different content to support, because the whole article to highlight the word as the center, such as new material "basin", feathers then has "artificial stone basin" resin basin "and" marble "ceramics Shitai basin" and "bathroom basin" and so on the different way, then according to the different sorts out the corresponding to the original, I want to love this kind of search engine is more content, and have very good ranking


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