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Phoenix Technology News Beijing on June 28th news yesterday, Lei Jun returned to his alma mater Wuhan University to attend the graduation ceremony, graduation ceremony as speakers, Lei Jun said he was very excited, and expressed his wish to mentees.

is the following speech:

friends, standing here, I feel like everyone is excited, because 24 years ago, I also like you, with a small bench, sitting in the small playground, attend the graduation ceremony, so I can understand your mood.

everyone to participate in the graduation ceremony, is about to usher in a new journey of life, there must be a little bit nervous, a little confused, but more excitement is excited, is a vision of a better life in the future. So what can I say to you at this moment? I thought about it all night, and I didn’t sleep well. I think, I was 24 years older than you, as early as 24, as a senior, facing the critical moment so many mentees will begin the journey of life, I can speak a little what? To be honest, I really don’t know thousands and thousands of words, should say where, but too much is not really on help, I think this is where the huge pressure of last night. I thought later, we only talk about two points.

first, always believe in the power of dreams.

Why did

talk about the dream here, this is because the review I walk past the road, in my life, my most memorable is the Wuhan University, because the Wuhan University plays an indelible role in the course of my life. That was when I was 18 years old, a freshman in college, a very fortuitous opportunity, I read a book in the library. This book plays a decisive role in my life.

the title of the book I remember very clearly, called "the fire of Silicon Valley", this book is about 2 pieces of 1 years, published in the book, the book tells the story of these Silicon Valley heroes Jobs entrepreneurship. Look at this book, my heart is like a raging fire in the burning, excited several did not sleep at night. Then I walked over and over again in the stadium, it was difficult to calm. In the process of Wuda playground again and again walked in, I laid a dream of life — day must do some shaking heaven and earth. I am born to be useful, days after he must do a great man. Of course, a dream is very easy, I believe everyone has a great dream, but dream if you go to practice? So I when in University in the first grade to tell myself, just having a dream is not enough, and to work to do a few things really are not the same thing.

the first goal I have set for myself is to finish all the courses in the University for two years. Thank you very much for the credit system of Wuhan University. From that day on, I really have repaired two times. I remember last year when I attended the School Alumni Association, the big screen also showed my credit card. When I have this dream I really try to find it is not difficult. To >

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