Grassroots Webmaster is it really just a fly on the glass

yesterday in the webmaster online made their own web site article, just feel a bit helpless, although all the friends in a statement, has also been a lot of Webmaster Help, really thank them, anyway, life is to continue, but also to do site.

to write the thesis, looked at the young, there is a saying that good, I like a fly on the glass, the future is bright, but do not know where is the way out, I think it really reflects our grassroots webmaster helpless, the Internet Unlimited Business Opportunities, but we can not earn money, or earn money also can not feed themselves, but very helpless, many owners to give me advice today, really thank them, whether they help to me there is no help, but the site suddenly found many friends, family help each other will do better, but it is not because of the money.

we grassroots webmaster really no way out? I don’t think it is like this, many owners also have one million yuan a month, but the idea of the problem, everyone wants to have a harvest in the Internet, I’d like to, but want to go to, also have their own actions.

I was a failure to stationmaster, not to, no money, the monthly income of less than 200, said let everyone joke, I can not tell what better advice, or technical things, so I combined with their practical suggestions to some new webmaster, master if you do not read a joke

1; do not want to rush the website, after all, everything is a step by step.

2: do not do big web site, a personal webmaster to do large-scale portal, a little unrealistic, unless you are energetic.

3: do what you are good at.

4: don’t give up something you shouldn’t give up, especially work, or you’ll regret it when you can’t be sure that your website will bring you a higher income.

5: more and you webmaster communication, they are more experienced, or their experience is more useful, can let you less take many detours.

also wish you new and old Adsense website better and better, my (station), thank you for the Webmaster Help, some time, not one by one list.

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