How to make new station GG a few hours included Baidu included in a week

if you already have a website, you can go away, because this is for the new station friends prepared. In fact, sometimes people can contradict each other. The same to me, of course, as long as there are good results will be brought out to share, there is no real optimization expert, because to do this SEO, who does not dare to say he is a master, can only be said to be experience. Each person’s experience is different, all methods are different, in fact, the purpose is only one, that is, let the site have a good ranking. Remember before I wrote two articles (a few strokes so that your station quickly included practical, fast, free) (how to let Baidu included new station I see), is included in the question. Of course, those methods can be tried. In fact, we can refer to each method. Only in this way can we make progress so that we can hold an effective method ourselves.

now I write this again is, indeed, because too many novice included in himself website, today I introduce the two methods mentioned in the article of this method than before I say more practical.

of course, it would be nice to have a look at my article before you do it. If you’ve already done it, it’s no use. Because this article has only one problem is how to let GG first day included your website, Baidu included your website a week. Because I have used this method has been verified, I registered in the morning domain name, GG in the afternoon on the included second weeks, Baidu included. If you can do that, you need to be well prepared.

first, the site must be designed in advance, in the local test success, there is a certain content, it is best to original procedures.

second, you should never submit to a search engine. Oh, the previous two articles I mentioned the need to re submit, it is for the old station is a new station, now you can go to, why are we submitted to the website included according to the idea of the normal, in fact, we submit, at the same time it also has a search engine judgment process, this process is generally in about two days. I’ve tried many times, and I submit websites to include and not submit sites, much faster. Don’t let them submit to it, this is what we need to reverse thinking, why are we going to take the initiative to find them, let them take the initiative to find we not do better, this is to lead spider, actually GG is focused on the chain, as long as we go to the search engine update very fast with a link to website and this is the spider out of here. Like Admin5 and Chinaz, the search engine is updated three hours a time. As long as you publish an article in Admin5, let Admin5 through, leave a web site, basically, this article in three hours, you can search in Baidu and google. There is a good place, is to go to the blog blog site, that is, you go to the weight of the high web site to do links, if you quickly included, the best you spend 100 yuan in Admin5 buy home page text chain, one day is enough. Ha-ha。

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