Dewdrop talks about how grassroots should deal with the new policy of Ministry of industry and Comme

website to record, in other countries are unheard of, not to mention the real name site identity. As the saying goes, under policy, there is policy, the country does not let the station, and we can not go abroad. Here’s what grassroots should do now.

one. Give up CN, 301 directional com

if your website is CN, it is best for com, not for a few years was unfortunately, while now the state has not formally implemented, early 301, could you stand right can also be transferred to part com. I used CN to do tests, 301 to com, up to a week, Google can basically accept the weight of the past, Baidu use a little longer, as if 301 for Baidu is useless. This we do not matter, you can leave part of the weight, you can. It’s better than nothing at all.

two. Domain name transferred to foreign

is now transferred abroad, very simple, as long as there is a transfer code on it. Of course, CN meters can not be transferred abroad. Only international meters will do. If your meter in the new network nets, you better be ready to go, from where they get the password, trouble. It’s very long when you wait. I sent the mail number 1.13, the transfer of rice to now did not receive the transfer password, the phone hit n times, always let you wait and so on, and so on, the heart is boring. I wonder what these departments are doing. I regret that I had registered m in the new network.

three. Space for foreigners

domestic space for the record, we do not have to go, do not use foreigners, you may want to say, foreigners slow ah, slowly slow down, it is better than the station can not open it. The country should be like this, we can’t do it at the grassroots level. We have to survive, forced to be helpless, we had better go abroad earlier to buy space, do not wait until the domestic space stopped to find, and then may not be able to find a good point. In fact, there are many domestic agents have foreign space. Foreign space is not as bad as we think.

four. Think a little better,

countries really have to be so strict, the biggest loss is not our grassroots, the state is the biggest victim of course. We want people to give up ah, CN m is the first choice, now basically every day is on the one hundred thousand fall, now even three meters will not be mixed, you said that if in the past that three bit, four cn is difficult to register the initials. This only means that people do not approve of it. Domestic space providers will be a family of the fallen, these space providers did not bring some real gains to the state?.

we want to want to think better, so there will be a part of the implementation of people see the business opportunities, to record our previous ones, not the same people saw an opportunity for you to record it. Now the country is strict, but still there are able people to do it

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