How to write a website planner

, the success of a large enterprise website has a very important relationship with the site planning before its establishment. Before the establishment of the website, the purpose of building the website should be clearly defined, the functions of the website, the size of the website and the input costs, and the necessary market analysis, etc.. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid a lot of problems in the construction of the site, so that the construction of the site can proceed smoothly.

Qi think: if you are a web site Project Manager should predict the main problems in the implementation of the project in the early stage of the project, and put forward the implementation plan.

website planning is to analyze and determine the purpose and function of the website before the website construction, and to plan the technology, content, cost, test and maintenance of the website construction according to the requirement. Website planning plays a role in planning and guiding the website construction, and plays a role in positioning the content and maintenance of the website.

website planning should cover all aspects of website planning as much as possible. The writing of website planning should be scientific, serious and realistic.

website planning book contains as follows:

1. Market analysis prior to construction of websites

1, the relevant industry market is what, the market has what kind of features, whether it can carry out the company’s business on the Internet?.

2, analysis of the main competitors in the market, competitors online and their website planning, function.

3, the company’s own conditions analysis, company profiles, market advantages, you can use the website to enhance what competitiveness, the ability to build the site (cost, technology, manpower, etc.).

two, website construction purpose and function positioning

1, why build a website, in order to set up enterprise image, publicize products, carry on e-commerce, or set up an industry website, is the basic need of enterprise or the extension of market development?

2, integration of company resources, determine the function of the site. Determine the functional type of the site according to the company’s needs and plans:

The application of Web sites, web sites, business enterprise website

(industry website), electronic commerce website; website is divided into corporate image, product promotion, online marketing, customer service, e-commerce etc..

3, according to the function of the website, determine the purpose of the website should achieve.

4, the construction of intranet (Intranet) and the extensibility of web site.

three, site technology solutions (negotiated with professional companies)

identifies site technology solutions based on the functionality of the site.

1, the use of self built server, or rent virtual host?.

2, select the operating system, using Window2000/NT or Unix, Linux. Analysis >

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