Case summary how to analyze web keywords

on the car through the network platform to continue to study and summarize the analysis of Web keywords, commonly used methods:

1: understanding keyword

Before the

commonly used tool to collect the required keyword, understand that the ordinary people how to use the keyword is very important, people in the search time is generally a word, two words, three words, phrases and phrases. This website optimization plays a very important role.

2: everyday common keywords

for commonly used general products or services, and more frequently used words, you collect and record key words, and then think about the information associated with them, such as semantic words, antonyms, etc..

3: through the website message board analysis keyword

usually your right to see some site access log and message board, where can we find many keywords, visitors are using these keywords, arrive at your site through search engines to search page links. These key words are also recorded, and then record the key words to be analyzed.

4: collect the keywords you want to make

takes all of the keywords you want to do, and then goes through the corresponding indexes such as Baidu and Google, and analyzes and processes all the collections.

5: write blogs and send forum information

writes Baidu and googel by writing blogs and forums, and explores and analyzes the source of this keyword traffic.

6: by question and answer,

through Baidu stick and know, and Sina love ask, Yahoo question, understand, collect and analysis keywords.

7: analysis of competitors keyword

check your competitors keywords, work on your opponent’s website – View – source files, and then look at the key words, put forward for your optimization of the key words, to be reasonable application.

8: communicate with friends, webmasters and peers

as a webmaster, often to communicate with friends about the content of the site, and ask some experienced webmaster how to collect and change keywords.

9: typos, synonyms, synonyms analysis.

is now more and more websites, many users through search engines through a lot of play typos, synonyms and synonyms to find websites.

10: keyword splitting and composition

now many web site keywords can be split and combination way to achieve more keywords optimization, through content, description, links and other ways to achieve more keywords ranking.

11: localization keyword

now the search engines are becoming more localized, so more people are on the Internet

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