Discussion on some planning of media operation

Internet era, everyone is from the media. But not everyone can succeed in doing well from the media.

from the media, there must be themes. For example: love stories, pick up cheats, whitening skin care, free technical support and solutions, etc., focus on an industry, a subject.

from the media, there must be a platform. Platform points: website, micro-blog, QQ space, WeChat and so on. These four are common platforms.

from the media, adhere to the most important, updated every day and services, so that we all remember you.

I’ll use my own media to give an example and analysis:

my topic: network marketing skills.

I chose the platform: Web site, QQ space, WeChat, Sina, micro-blog, Tencent, micro-blog. I choose the reasons for these 5 platforms: 1, these 5 platforms have my users and fans. 2, the content can be multi-channel promotion. The best example is the Lu Songsong blog, which is not explained here.

insists, I have made up my mind about this question. We can see: now I am beginning to insist on writing website articles,

!How does

operate and promote

from the media?

when you have done the above 3, you can say that you have completed an operation. I’m here to write a few more tips for everyone.

1, plus user QQ: I do network marketing, and I want to see the content of the webmaster, network personnel. These users use QQ, so I go online to find their QQ, and then communicate with them, and then they’ll know something about me. If you are familiar with your colleagues and ask them to recommend you, your fans will increase.

2, free service: free to provide technical support for users. For example: do love diary, can help others to solve the emotional problems, help lovelorn break the sad past. I do the network of nature, I am free to help users provide web analysis, network marketing guidance. There is also a benefit to communicate with users so that users will remember you. When you and your fans become good friends, then you release content, they will help you reprint.

3, the Internet contribution: write high-quality articles, put on the major platforms, in the article behind remarks on your personal information (this platform can be recognized), so everyone will pay attention to you. Here, say, in the large platform to contribute high-quality articles, this is a must, pay special attention to, the article can’t have advertising, if write is advertising content, then it is to charge. Unless you write soft text, you can fool the website editor.

self media profit model

profit is not shameful, the proceeds obtained through their own labor is legitimate, in saying that if you are doing the site from the media rental server, all the money.

1, advertising, soft Wen: when you have many fans >

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