Alternative QQ space code station concept

this site too much, with Baidu, enter the QQ code query: use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 4930000 of course you will tell me QQ users more ah, do not wrong! So many webmaster do this thing, you think you can do like those old station ranked first. The


I personally think it should be more difficult, perhaps you will immediately say, my new station, Baidu included, there are also from Baidu flow ah. Yes, it’s impossible without one. But if you want to get more traffic from the search engine, it’s harder. Here, I want to provide you with an idea, maybe not very mature. Because I have not done such a station, there is no statistics for me to guess. If one is willing to provide the background statistics for a week for me, maybe I can write this article better! Is this, QQ novice do stand friends, do not know if you have any statistical analysis of antecedents of habit, or only in accordance with the classification of antecedents statistics, the number of Baidu, the number of GOOGLE to link to the other side of the

how much?

we have analyzed key words? If you have not analyzed, or just look and not do detailed research, so please take your keywords in the statistical analysis, a week, a month, to be analyzed. People will ask, why do you want to analyze this? Of course this is very important, perhaps we are only concerned about their own keywords in the search engine rankings. If you should find some rules after the analysis, it is one or a kind of special multi keyword Lailu (relatively), then you should be thinking, what is the reason for this kind of key words from the search engines to more than


because these keywords are the characteristics of your website, and the rest of them are dependencies. I write this article’s goal is to tell you, you also do QQ, he also makes the code, everybody is same, all in the single plank bridge crowded, that competition is how big, everybody knows in the heart. So why not change a thought, why must be crowded together with all the single plank bridge, do a few more steps without other way? The answer is yes, just we are accustomed to the popular client.


as long as you will have you summed up the antecedents more together, to the website structure adjustment, re planning, highlight the contents of these keywords, or simply just do these words, let your website designed together, so as to get higher weights, and reduce the pressure of competition, for example, to my site is the QQ template more, so I just do a good QQ template, the website center as QQ template, so that your goal is clear, it is easy to update, users come to see, ah, ah well, all is some beautiful template, will collection, even without the collection will remember your site, next to the probability will be higher, so your flow >

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