Taobao brush tips to see here

for Taobao sellers, the store is the fundamental credibility of the business, so Taobao has become an open secret in the industry. Master the most effective and practical brush single skills, you can help Taobao sellers easily accumulate high popularity.

If inspection system strictly blocked, resulting in a single brush group are more likely to know what is feasible and what is not feasible, so that the brush single means of rapid development, make the development of inspection system of Taobao is very tired, let the most part, this brush alone do not know why this why was caught yesterday. So, will use a lot of methods have been found that Taobao check system not to upgrade to brush brush single means, typical VPN is a single brush, similarly, micro-blog blocked zombie fans so strategy. Our team to discuss this behavior is a smile put a honeypot, looking at how you find the honeypot, get food and leave the process.

A single brush,


1. now Taobao against false trading efforts more Yu Qiang, a single brush can be used as the main means of marketing shops, now we should have stronger brush single purpose, scalping is opium, you rely on the shop basically ruined

An auxiliary means

2. single brush can be used as baby break zero, this is often the lowest cost means, according to the flow, a small amount of brush, improve the conversion rate, can reduce the cost of PPC well, improving the level of weight. Control can make a lot of baby cards in the bean curd or search front, which can bring a lot of traffic and turnover

3. brush is not for sale and brush, in order to real sales, we must clear this principle. To clear purpose, the brush is to cooperate with the operation to enhance the real sales performance.

4. new baby shelves, you can consider a few single brush, but the better way is to give the old user preferences, so that they can buy or gift recommendation

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