Operation mode of local talent network

has a lot of personal webmaster in the beginning of the enterprise, the local talent network as a breakthrough point, began his career. The operation of a local talent net competition? Just search network + talent an area, there will be a few dozen or even the talent website, if your website want a good talent shows itself, operational thinking is indispensable. Empty today and a lot of talent website long talked a lot, some very good experience and share with you.

1, region selection,

Do you think now the national scale

talent network now is definitely not the reality, so it is necessary to subdivide the region, choose to compete in a relatively small city station, in fact, personal webmaster city also was selected the three or four line of the city to do, because the more advanced city competition is too large, it is difficult to rely on individual against the low point of the city demand less, not easy to expand the size of the site, it is best in your hometown in the construction site, after all, you have some contacts, are of great help for the development of the website.

two, profit model

do any site, you only have a clear understanding of its profit model, you can earn money, for talent website point, profit model is very clear.

one is to collect membership fees for enterprises, you come to my website to publish recruitment information, we must pay something. The patterns can be divided into two points,

. Membership fees charged by time, but not promised to find your favorite talent, but on my website posted your corresponding recruitment information, this kind of cost is relatively low.

. Membership fee by the effect, you ask us to help you find the talent, can not find do not charge any fees, generally the recruitment information not on the web page, the relatively high cost of the equivalent of a headhunter.

two is to earn advertising fees, and when there is a considerable amount of traffic per day through some operations, it will attract advertisers to advertise or to join the advertising alliance to generate revenue.

is the three profit resource, if your site has a lot of enterprises settled and registered members of the job, then there will be a lot of advertising companies to help them find you advertised, because you have what they want customer contact, the specific form is to help them to send mail or advertising.

four is a job fair, using the existing resources to organize a job fair, and even if you do not charge tickets, you can also obtain sponsorship from the enterprise, collect fees.

three, website construction,

1. content construction

a lot of talent network at the beginning of the line without content, then you can go to other related sites to collect information, including the recruitment of enterprise information or job information, but which should be properly changed, or certainly is not easy to be included.

general talent network will have some articles, this will need you webmaster to write, and to every >

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