References to friends who make game stations

statement: This article is just so many years to do game station experience some summary, wrong place, also hope everybody points out,

!How do you make money at the

game station?

How does

make more money with a game station?

, that’s the same thing.

the way to make money is by heart.

doesn’t make money at all games.

first said the following:

0-2000ip game station, find a good hosting, there are not many problems, you can earn about 200 yuan a month.

5000-10000ip, in line with the principle of no waste, you have to share a 10 person, there is no problem. Admin5 is more, this one earns thousands of months, no problem.

10 thousand IP or more, I suggest you rent a cheaper host, good operation, then earn tens of thousands a month, no problem.

below said that we are most concerned about the profit

1: private server, plug-in class website has been profiteering, we do not add more evaluation, because no operation. Plug-in category, the general is to sell plug-in fees, plug the above bound ads, 2 times to make money. If you are a cow, you can develop your own software, and then the software as the core, the establishment of a game guild, what to earn more money, needless to say.

2: a new look at a popular game in general, would engage in a game of many stations, my advice is not specifically for the theme of the game and do the game, the game person generally account for the home page is minority after all, you do not account for the home page, want to make money, is extremely difficult. Big game stand too much weight higher than you, built earlier than you, Lianbi outside of you, what do you want to play with other? Lucky, generally stay in the home not more than half a year later, fate is right down, a large number of keywords disappear, or directly K. My station is such a experience, I registered in 2012 did not work, ha ha.

3: a lot of game advertising model, is the first choice to pop pop, you don’t affect the user experience, according to my experience, the game website and QQ station is not the same, the viscosity is very low, most people are searching the main search raiders. Unless you do something big or a forum, you can ignore this, or no one will remember you unless you are so special. Sum up,

IP 10 thousand is now the basic window can earn nearly 40 (a day can you good income to more than 30). And the day you can reach more than 100 words per day, a few days you will find that the amount of thousands of thousands of buckle, pull pull cool cool heart.

followed by the bottom right corner of the floating ads, this 10 thousand IP at around 16 yuan.

then you can put your mom’s ad in the right place on the website, and the ten thousand IP can get around $10 a day

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