Operating community websites should follow the principle of vary from person to person suit local c

community website pays more attention to people’s attraction, in other words, the community website success, is a very important factor by this web site to the user’s viscosity, therefore the community website operation core is actually on the human operator, so we need to browse the potential community site groups were analyzed, to know ourselves, can baizhanbudai.

a party to raise water and soil, so the analysis of the potential users to combine the different region and different analysis, according to local conditions, is the key to the operation of It differs from man to man. community website, following the author from these two aspects to discuss how to improve the analysis of the people, so as to further increase the viscosity of psychographic community website.

1. There are cultural and habitual differences in different regions,

China has a vast territory, each local cultural habits there are great differences, even the ingrained culture of the Central Plains, and different regions, people’s living habits and customs have obvious difference, so the different habits and customs should be reflected in the local community website, for example, each local specialty Culture Tourism Culture Channel, should adopt different pages and show the form of the relevant local community culture channel should play culture of each region of the brand, to local users can feel the community is an extension of their own line of life, there is no sharp rejection.

and many local population flow to the field, when they saw a very own hometown cultural community, the community network through the Internet as can be imagined, for them is to find the home feeling, if your community website to do this, that you have the community website the very local culture, then your website is almost half of the success.

two, community website user is different, service is different,

the local community website users can be summed up into three kinds, one is in the community website has a well-known person, one is associated with these celebrity derived fans group, the last one is to help people get through the community website, these people are mainly the community website as a tool. Here are the three different users, local communities how to do the appropriate service?.

1. celebrity users of the service, these people are not the core user community website, but it can help the local community website effective brand good attributes, these celebrity users generally have two channels, one is the community as a webmaster to invite more influence in the local celebrities to stay in their local communities and another is because of their own in the local community website released through interesting posts, gradually by other users sought to become famous.

for the first channel of celebrity users, from the beginning should enhance the rights of these people, such as posting without trial, and even to these names

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