Take a look at several toy websites from the perspective of four year old dad

buying toys for children is a headache. A few years ago you run in Hongkong, ToySrus will go to buy every time, each have a bale. ToySrus has three advantages: first, variety, second, good quality, and third, the price is relatively cheap (in terms of brand toys). Even at ToySrus, every time you buy a toy, try your best. I buy toys, mainly to see three points, the first point is quality, second points are interesting, third point is not conducive to training children’s ability in some areas?. There are not many toys to pass through these three studies.

later had no chance to go to Hongkong, found in Beijing, Beijing mall expensive toys was unreasonable, poor quality toys wholesale market, find a few appropriate toys still very troublesome, hand a few satisfactory toys, not brought back early from Hongkong, is from a friend’s house where children Shun the.

later mother keen on Taobao, Taobao is indeed more, but the quality is uneven, most of all, because too many types, and each popular toys are countless selling, almost impossible to browse, only clear in advance to buy what kind of toys, found by the search. In recent days, began to study a number of toy B2C site, probably browse, and talk about their views.

, first of all, is the "hot", "fun", "Amoy", "in Amoy", I almost no desire to shop. First, fewer varieties, mostly playing poor like toys, electric toys; second the price is expensive, I think at least I do not belong to low-income people, also do not mean money on their children, but to see what, flashy without substance expensive toys, always feel not value. Only from the perspective of personal choice, I think music Amoy too high quality, positioning too high.

followed by fun, the site is more like an adult toy store, and home sales are selling ashtrays…… Speechless.

third is the love on the door, the name of the website is a queer I am relatively satisfied with the variety, moderate price, detailed classification, but the problem is, this website reads "wholesale" everywhere, I still do not know what is B2B or B2C. The company is also based in Yiwu, and transportation is a problem for a slightly larger toy.

finally is a small master, see out, this website is to take the boutique brand line. Unless I stare at Disney’s product, I won’t find toys on it. Moreover, many brand toys are sold on the Taobao, even if it is the right goods, it also absolutely no price advantage.

because there is no specific sales data support, for the above several sites model, I dare not give the assertion of evaluation, can only from a child parents perspective, talk about their needs and views.

first, I bought a toy, the goal is "function" and "brand", the brand is not only to meet the functional requirements of the premise of an additional consideration, so I will instinctively reject brand oriented navigation;

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