SNS is a gathering tool not a profit making tool

SNS, the market competition is fierce, and homogeneity is very serious. Major portals to professional websites, and then to individuals, small webmaster, are chasing the market. But at present, not all of us have a thorough understanding of why we should engage in SNS, and many people do SNS for two reasons: first, the success of the FACEBOOK in the United States, China also needs a FACEBOOK. Two, SNS is a future direction. Although I do not know what the future will be, but also began to make a big fanfare.

SNS profit model is not clear,

although now has a certain size of the SNS site, but the profit model also rely on the previous traditional advertising, or find some web games and other cooperation. Thereby converting users with high viscosity to cheap incomes. In fact, for SNS, customer loyalty is very high, but the dependence is very strong, we put here as a home, some problems are willing to share out, to help them solve. This is a very benign process, in this regard, YAHOO relations do well. For example: in the morning, Ms. Wu will take my mother to see her at 7:30 in the thyroid, "YAHOO" issued to ask, who knows where the hospital or which doctor is more reliable, the result is less than 20 seconds, 2 replies, one is recommended to her husband Li General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, one is recommended the doctor told her Jia Zhengang Jia Beijing Cancer Hospital. According to this information, Ms. Wu found one of them in the morning, spent 14 yuan before and after hanging expert number and 1 yuan to buy medical books, the disease to see. Ms. Wu said, her friends are in the daily life of true friends and colleagues, so she trust their willingness to recommend, and the two hospitals is that they directly or indirectly tried, think good to recommend to her. Integrate the elements of life into real communication. However, this process does not create direct profits for the website. If the advertisement of a hospital is forced to create profit at this time, the user will not accept it and will not choose it. So in SNS’s behavior, it’s hard to insert ads, and it’s hard to generate profits. Neither FACEBOOK nor MYSPACE has a clear profit model.

SNS is a tool for gathering popularity,

content based websites such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase and so on, these gathered a large number of users, and the content is basically homogeneous. This time, after the portal provides SNS, it is more able to fix this part of the user, which can also be in the homogenization of the contents of the precipitation of its own users. In this way, the value of SNS can be fully manifested. Although not able to directly generate value, but as a tool for the accumulation of popularity, indirectly to the site to bring value, IT Hot Blog shark, the largest value of SNS is to have some discomfort content service, YISHION entertainment behavior SNS. Pure entertainment, game content, although the training cycle is short, but the user’s viscosity is very much

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