Three truths to be kept in mind by a new station

1: stick to winning

maybe everyone started the same confidence as I did at the beginning, but I felt very frustrated after a few days. Why? Because no one comes to appreciate it, and it begins to wonder, what does it suspect? Isn’t it a good idea to use your own website, or is it a promotion?

?In fact,

, are possible, but not the most important, don’t you remember three days to change, as the search engine where will you? In this computer test sites, iron heart to the space.

then you don’t think you’ll do anything on the upload. There will be thousands of people coming to your site in second days! That’s a dream. Every day to update your website, and the content is best novel, even if COPY, also to COPY the latest.

in short, adhere to the update, as time passes, you will find that your web site IP will go up bit by bit,


two: search engine

do not open a station to find the link that link, especially a misunderstanding, it was said that new sites have some big site links will be faster. Maybe, but not necessarily without links, will not be included, the key is you want to update, and the content is not illegal, sensitive.

my station didn’t have a friend chain at first, but half a month later, I found my station was suddenly included a lot of pages. Because I insist on updating the website every day, but now the spider has come every day, and the key words also go up.

three: follow up a victory with hot pursuit

don’t be content with the status quo. Now you can start promoting your site. How to promote it? Of course, do not use some tools, such as automatic release, that will only lead to other people’s resentment. You can choose to sign up in some forums, take information about your site, and then publish more interesting articles.

, if he sees your signature, he’s curious, orders to go in, and your station has something that needs him, I think. There must be another loyal FANS on your website.

finally write, in a word, it’s hard to make a site now. But to keep it up, come back to think about it.

isn’t that hard, is it,


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