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instrument is a kind of high value industrial product. It can be used in thousands of labs, as well as in laboratory and precision instruments. The application of instruments, such as pesticide residues, heavy metals determination instrument, the price is in the thousands of dollars. In a word, the added value of the instrument is higher in the industrial products. In addition, the demand for instruments in our country is in the ferment period, and the demand for food testing instruments, laboratory instruments and teaching instruments is especially brisk. Because the potential market demand is big, the product profit is high, therefore the instrument manufacturer has not reduced to the marketing dynamics. The equipment industry has been the top five in the Baidu industry for five years in a row.

instrument production and distribution enterprises for network marketing investment, gave birth to the establishment of the instrument industry portal craze. Enterprise to invest in, and set up the magazine media instrument instrument industry association or sub Industry Branch opened, there are a number of Internet Co to invest in, according to the unified only to "instrument industry portal, instrument instrument professional website, the first station" as the slogan of the site is not under 20 instrument. But among the more successful and profitable websites, the author has access to the instrument information network and the China chemical equipment network. The two websites took different paths, but the result was the same: they were successful.

from line to line

I come into contact with the founder of instrument information network in a Beijing Instrument Exhibition Engineering male, a nodding acquaintance with, there is a general understanding for the entrepreneurial experience. Beijing has a large number of colleges and universities, and the laboratories of these universities are big buyers of instruments, so basically well-known instrument manufacturers are set up in Beijing by the office. At the same time, there are no fewer than dozens of equipment, equipment, exhibitions and trade fairs held annually in Beijing. The original intention of the instrument information network is that the present instrument exhibition will be moved to the Internet, and an online instrument exhibition will be conducted on the Internet. The two sides of the instrument exchange are in fact B2B. But the instrument enterprises and purchaser did not think of this mode, because the instrument belongs to the high transaction cost of the product, limited information for the promotion of online transactions has little effect, and enterprises have their own line of customers. However, the instrument information network found that many exhibitors hope that the website can write a story or news for the enterprise. This becomes the breakthrough of instrument information network. Therefore, almost all the equipment exhibition in Beijing, instrument information network set up booths exhibitors. In the exhibition process, instrument information network found that many viewers are interested in the use of products, technology, sexual price, etc., which prompted the instrument information network launched the forum. At present, the instrument information forum is the most active and popular forum in the instrument website. Popularity, advertising revenue, membership fees have been settled. Instrument information network, each online product, there is a shadow under the line. For example, the site of the expert group, as early as the establishment of the site, the instrument information network convened a group of experts as a web consultant. It can be said that the instrument information is from the line down to the line.

moves from single line to full range

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