can compromise on bad sales but must have first class operation

today’s Internet market, the product itself as a hard power, has long been showing a high degree of homogenization of the phenomenon. If the lack of powerful promotional resources, relying solely on product design advantages to seize the market, how difficult. And product operation as a soft power, we can come up with differentiated user services to enhance product competitiveness. Products are children, operators are children, O2O services, more than ever before the Internet services rely heavily on operations. It can be said that a good operation determines a good platform, and vice versa. Throughout the Internet, such as "excellent step", "hungry", and even public comment, etc., these "O2O" banner of APP, there is a common point — burn money. This shows what, this shows that most of the O2O software at the moment have to burn money, discount, subsidies, etc., to gather users, which also shows that this is a trend of the Internet at this stage.

1, how to burn the money, is one of the jobs that should be done,

a good operation can play a crucial role in reducing costs and increasing conversion. Common operations can reduce user churn through new product guidance, while increasing the user’s conversion rate. As a result, the cost naturally declined.

can also be through preferential subsidies, such as purchase after the user subsidies, subsidies for businesses to stimulate the single full day live, both according to the characteristics of the product itself to specific groups of stimulation, but also a means of operations to enhance the user capacity in this way. At least one good operation would know that he would have a better or better role if he took this preferential subsidy.

from the above can demonstrate a phenomenon, that is, the operation team can reduce the promotion expenses for the company. For the entrepreneurial team, thus easing funds to bring entrepreneurs dilemma, and create a good environment, so it is recommended to start a friend can be carried out in the company before the first focus on the cultivation of talents through the operation team, operation ability so as to reduce the risk of a new venture.

In fact,

, operating in the whole team always plays a role as a transportation hub, some test version operations to operate test records, feedback, and coordination of research and development; at the same time, the foreign customer service management, security management, public relations crisis to deal with things and operation, which can be seen as a team less and less developed market operation.

2, Internet Co, sales and operations comparison, who is more important,


believes everyone has heard something like this: "no matter what the company’s products are, my salespeople should sell it.". It’s like I was a beer salesman, and the bottle was filled with beer or horse urine. Can you sell the first bottle? That’s my salesman’s skill. "


is not wrong, but can clearly feel the idea of heavy selling and light operation. And more generally, >

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