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to write this article, mainly because recently answered a lot of homogenization problems. It was not a good time to publicly evaluate peers, especially acquaintances and business partners. However, the answer is also more difficult to answer questions, so it is still back to the code line, here and friends to share a simple.


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talk about the topic or content entrepreneurship". The head is a hundred years, recently accepted the newspaper interview, they must write in-depth reports on this topic. But half a year ago, I met a new list at a conference on Fudan Shedane, I met the first sentence and then ask each other, "the pit is?"

that was half a year ago, we have felt the market irrational. Because the entire market does not fully understand the content logic and business logic. My personal analysis of the framework of the content of entrepreneurship, roughly divided into four categories.

first, media logic, advertising model

representative, including Ma Dong’s wonderful work. As well as other large and small vertical media.

saw Ma Dong last year in the 36 annual meeting of krypton, he means that any time the head of content business value is dominant. I agree with that. For example, said the wonderful ad has been a lot of money. Another example, the twenty-first Century economic report, the circulation is not large, the heyday of 400 thousand copies of it, but the annual advertising revenue is 300 million.

but it’s nothing to do with the media. Because the threshold is high, the need for institutional media professional operation. And cut the market must be very large. Entertainment is the high frequency of all classes, because everyone is unhappy at this time, so everyone needs entertainment.

however, the ceiling of such projects is also relatively limited. The benefits of advertising model is that the efficiency of the realization of high, much higher than the electricity supplier, especially the so-called head media, advertisers have to queue. But this thing itself, do not. Because of limited production capacity, it is difficult to copy as fast as pirated discs. Finally, the general is made into a gem company.

personal point of view, this is not an exponential growth of the track, but because of the steady growth of profit space, it will be a good target PE. Not suitable for general VC, unless in angel stage.

second, super net red, community model


representation includes Luo Zhenyu’s thought of logic, as well as the possible future of the new era.

This model does not emphasize the explosive

content, but the user’s identity, the attendant is large and small local branch (She Qun). The essence of religion and almost any commodity, and have become a tribute. I know a net worth of billions of dollars of what he sold nouveau riche, Luo Zhenyu buy buy buy. This routine is commercially viable.

but the logic thinking of the problem is that the product selection will be restricted. The first time I started doing e-books, when

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