Several major projects suitable for female venture capital

in women entrepreneurship so prevalent today, entrepreneurial project selection is a critical factor, women often have a lot of choice project opportunities in life there are a lot of good business projects is to choose, what are?

1. open beer bar

in the hot summer, people are willing to drink a cup of cool cool Coca Cola beer. Therefore, you can choose the street corner, a corner of the park or the residential area of space, a few sun umbrellas, put on tables and chairs and beer, even if it was born open-air beer. You can provide the brewing of beer, ice beer and other high-quality new beer, let beer bar with novelty and features to attract customers. Ice beer is the last century in 90s the rise in foreign countries, is green beer to uniform scraper type heat exchanger, the beer is cooled to a suitable temperature, the emergence of ice crystals, and the wine with ice to crystallization tank, after mixing make ice beer and fully formed. This makes the beer cool and pure, soft and refreshing taste, especially its heat is less than 20% of the ordinary beer, but also effectively retained the nutrients in beer, so men and women can drink. So, open the beer bar, you’d better buy a cold beer production equipment, according to the current market conditions, the equipment at the price of ten thousand yuan, plus other costs, only need to invest twenty thousand yuan, an open-air beer will belong to you.

2. Bay

tea for modern people, it is a self-cultivation, self relaxation, the mood of the anchor sunshine. Open a unique tea, not necessarily in urban areas, also do not need much room, but the decoration must have a unique style, the store set must be fresh and elegant, service personnel should possess the necessary knowledge and tea tea, then also try to poetic elegance. The store may have background music, can also set up several shelves on several kinds of leisure magazines and newspapers, can also be set up all kinds of chess calligraphy and games, let people in a pot of tea, a book, a pot of tea, a game of chess, the taste of life, enjoy life. Of course, to offer tea, you need to have a certain culture and aesthetic level, only in this way can reveal your tea and tea connotation, so as to attract customers to be not of the common sort. Read the above shop guide, you may say that these stores are larger investment, and your money is too small, not for you. It doesn’t matter if you can raise ten thousand yuan, there are always a few kinds of shops will be suitable for you.

3. opened a distinctive snack bar

if you are confident about your performance in the kitchen, you can in the downtown area to set up a special snack bar. Only hire a waiter, plus rent, buy Cookware, required liquidity and other costs, the investment can be controlled in the yuan. Your snack bar to operate home cooked meals, you are also two jobs, both the boss and the chef, with small profits but quick turnover for the purpose of business, service

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