Guo Guangchang what you believe in is the most powerful thing


Fosun 20 anniversary, I asked myself a question, but also put this question to the members of the board of directors: choose to retire, or choose to venture? Before Liang Xinjun (Fosun Group Vice Chairman and chief executive officer) also talked about this issue, because when I don’t think, what is missing however, sometimes busy work leads to poor life quality, why, how should I arrange my life


this is the so-called world outlook, values. I think the venture is completely want to make money, it will eventually be difficult to keep entrepreneurial impulse. The real motivation for starting a business must come from the deep inside you really think it is worthwhile to do so. So, when we are in the 20 anniversary of the establishment of Fosun chose to re start, hoping to bring Fosun a new height.

I recently saw Confucianism and Taoism three have three words feel quite reasonable:

1), Buddha is the heart. Buddhists compassion, we start from the bottom of my heart is willing to do something for the community, if not this value, you will appoint death.

2), channel for bone. Taoism is a self-cultivation culture, when the body is not good work will be greatly affected, so I advocate Taijiquan, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.

3), Confucianism as the table. Confucian pay attention to the WTO, pay attention to the sense of responsibility. So Fosun from the first day of self-cultivation "career helping the world enterprise culture, this concept is from the Confucian" moral order in the world "to the. Confucius stressed the need to continue learning, to WTO, to do something for the society, I also use the three points to continue to encourage ourselves.

do business now, more and more people feel that they need to believe something. People in the face of the future can not see very clearly, entrepreneurs in the pursuit of "business truth" in the process, but also to be accustomed to their own lonely to make decisions.

this time the most important entrepreneurs is not lose their direction, so entrepreneurs how to do? How to resist the temptation to overcome greed and fear? In your heart must have their own values, you must believe what. What you believe in is the most powerful. Here to share with you my three point:

1), we believe that the reform and opening up policy in the past 30 years has been stable and long-term.

a lot of people have told me that the business is doing what is good, the government wants to make it easy for you. I asked him a word: I do well, why should the government to me? This is not the same as the value of our country’s reform and opening – up policy. You have to believe that as long as your business is not easy, not to make mistakes, the government will not get you.

so, I believe in the general direction of China’s future economy, but also believe that the party’s reform and opening up policy. We are citizens of People’s Republic of China, we are here, we are here, we have confidence in this land

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