No money how entrepreneurship college students started 2 yuan to earn 3 million in 200

200 yuan started 2 years to earn $3 million. A large junior high school students in the use of his intelligence and high EQ, two years to earn the money. 200 yuan can do business? His name is Pan Wenwei, when he first came to Guangzhou in 2007, only 200 yuan in his pocket, and now he is the owner of a large car. Because of busy business, Pan Wenwei had wanted to drop out, but finally insisted on down.

200 yuan can do business? When the tutor selling t-shirts to earn extra money

was only 22 year old Pan Wenwei was born in a small town in Guizhou. Originally a worker’s family, a family of five on a technical worker in the power supply bureau’s monthly salary of 1000 yuan living. In 2007, Pan Wenwei was admitted to the school of geography and planning. 200 yuan can do business? After coming to Guangzhou, in order to reduce the burden on parents, Pan Wenwei not only apply for the school work study, but also look around to make money.

when he held 200 yuan purse part-time earn, only to the city to enter the world, the department store of goods and a superb collection of beautiful things "super" Binjiang East real estate so that he suddenly Mongolia, 200 yuan can do what business? How many years do I have to fight in this city?" So many students still enjoy a leisurely life on campus, Pan Wenwei began to earn extra money, tutor, credit card marketing, selling t-shirts……

200 yuan can do business? NiuDao

NiuDao from hospital service began, he realized that there was money to be made, by the end of 2007, the school of public bidding of some departments apparel project, Pan Wenwei saw a business opportunity. Pan Wenwei first "Mocha enemy". 200 yuan can do business? He is from the students of the "buddies" got involved in the bidding companies list, and a customer one by one phone to ask those companies of different quality clothing price. Then, he directly on the Internet to find out the address of some manufacturers, the initiative to talk about business with the manufacturers.

mature about earning 500 thousand frightened mother

Pan Wenwei flexible mind can play it by ear, 200 yuan can do what business? At the beginning of last year, Pan Wenwei accidentally met a safety monitoring equipment businessman friend, and he then learned that the development of middle school "friend" in the real estate project is in the tender security equipment, and Pan Wenwei served as both sides talk about.

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