Returnees venture into the booming period

With the deepening of China’s opening up to the outside world,

continues to surge. The government actively investment, while returnees themselves are willing to return to the motherland, entrepreneurship development.

2015, the government put forward the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the call, and the introduction of a series of preferential policies, innovation and entrepreneurship situation is very good. This is also the Chinese people across the globe to convey a clear signal of the government – welcome you back to business, innovation, returnees venture into the boom boom.

should see in this booming good situation, at present, there are still a large number of failure cases of returnees. China and globalization think-tank (CCG) "report" employment survey of 2015 returnees China research group survey found that 49.1% of the returnees entrepreneurs who have the experience of failure; 41.7% of the returnees entrepreneurs in contradiction, the development of the situation to do judgment, 25% of the returnees entrepreneurs are not satisfied with their career.

objective understanding of returnees, make full preparation for

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