Korean Spicy Sauce Fried Chicken is not the same interpretation of Korean fried chicken

we all know that social innovation is a very important link, whether in which innovation is essential, especially in the delicacy and people closely linked to industry, some time ago very popular fried chicken, while there are also some improvement and innovation of the chicken taste.


] Korean fried chicken sauce


ginger 1 pieces (chopped), 1 cloves of garlic (Cheng Suanrong) mirrin 1 key


2 cloves of garlic, onions 10 grams chopped, edible oil 1/2 spoon, tomato sauce 2 big spoons, 1 spoons of Korean chili sauce, 1/2 sauce

is also available)


1: wash the chicken wings, with kitchen paper to wipe clean, the surface with a fork hole, make it better then

2: add A material salt, black pepper, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, mix well after the refrigeration system for 1 hours or overnight

3: marinated chicken wings with a small egg, mix chicken wings coated egg (later I think egg can not, you can try


4: add all kinds of powder, will be fully grasp the chicken wings, so that all wrapped in a thin layer of flour

5: excess flour drained, chicken wings do not wrap too thick flour

6: deep pot into the amount of oil, heated to the chopsticks when the bubble can be put into the chicken wings, the middle of the fire fry about 5 minutes

7: pick up chicken wings dry oil

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