When the mother to their pre pregnancy breast examination is very important female health network

about 5% of patients with breast cancer, due to pregnancy after estrogen and progesterone stimulation, resulting in rapid growth of fibroma, some people may evolve into inflammatory breast cancer. Nanjing Maternity and Child Care Center, director of the center for breast disease, Professor Lu Cheng, Professor, he found in the past year in the outpatient clinic of 19 cases of such patients, also found a case of rapid growth in the case of fibroma in pregnancy in 100 cases.

partial fibroma in pregnancy with canceration

women during pregnancy, lactation, into the inflammatory breast cancer high incidence. Director Lu Cheng, "inflammatory breast cancer" is characterized by high degree of malignant rapid progression, recurrence and metastasis, symptoms of inflammation, is very easy to be ignored, many mothers which unfortunately throw newborn infant died down. It is understood that it suffers from breast fiber tumor before people affected by estrogen and progesterone stimulation, there are about 5% people, breast fibroma, rapid growth, and the 5% people who are part of the people will become inflammatory breast cancer, if not treated, the survival time of only six months, breast fiber tumor fast growth may also lead to breast sarcoma, if not for a year or so will die.

"we in the clinic was found in 30 patients with inflammatory breast cancer misdiagnosed as mastitis, and 100 cases of pregnancy fibroma grew rapidly in case", director Lu Cheng said, because these two diseases have a common characteristic is the swelling heat pain, inflammation is red blood capillary inflammation leading to inflammatory Guan Kuozhang. The red breast cancer cells is the superficial lymphatic blockage. It is worth mentioning that, during pregnancy, breast fibroma surgery and pregnancy cholecystitis is different, because it is easy to stimulate uterine contraction leading to premature delivery, and six months after the operation can not be fed breast milk. So we must strengthen the pre pregnancy examination of breast lesions, to avoid drastic changes in hormone levels change.

should pay attention to pre pregnancy breast examination

director Lu Cheng, at present most hospitals will carry out the pre inspection system, include blood, gynecological examination, cervical, liver and kidney function tests, these projects are very important, but there is a very important examination items, namely breast examination and did not get the promotion of a large area.

"and pre pregnancy gynecological examination, female friends before going to the child, also should go to the hospital to do breast specialist consulting and check". Director Lu Cheng told reporters that at present, pregnant women breast examination concept weak, thought the postpartum breast will naturally fall into place, to the baby born without milk, before going to the doctor. Therefore, pregnant must do breast examination, I could see a normal lactation, found problems in a timely manner to heal. In addition, nipple and breast duct obstruction causes no breastfeeding, not only affect the baby’s "rations", also easily lead to serous mastitis, breast hyperplasia, emulsion retention and other symptoms, should check and treatment early, nip in the bud.

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