Selection of clothing store location should pay attention to the choice

a lot of people want to open a clothing store, and want to successfully run a clothing store, you need to do a good job in the business before the shop location. The location of the appropriate or not related to the operation of the store is good or bad and success or failure, so how to do their own clothing store to do the right site? Look at the following analysis:

before the site, we must first determine the choice of customer base. Taking Beijing as an example, if the choice of 18-25 year old women as customers, shop in Xidan than in Dongsi right. Because although the same is the bustling commercial street, but the east area shops in 25-30 year-old white-collar women, the goods are excellent in quality, the price is relatively high; while Xidan in the face of the customer is younger, pay more attention to the choice of clothing styles, fabrics and workmanship are not for other details too picky. This is to pay attention to the concept of "business district".

generally speaking, the scope of the sale of clothing stores usually have a certain geographical boundaries, which is relatively stable business district. Because of the differences in the operation of commodities, traffic factors, geographical location, business scale and so on, there are great differences in the scale of the business district and the business district. Choosing the business district is the basis of the reasonable location of the new store, which not only helps to formulate business strategy, but also helps to develop the market development strategy.

successful use of business district strategy can lay a solid foundation for the clothing store, improve the image of the clothing store, create and promote the specific needs of customers, and customers to establish a mutual trust relationship. Of course, the use of business resources, the business to do the customer’s heart, so that they are willing to become repeat customers, which is one of the basic skills of the clothing store business strategy.

many investors believe that clothing store concentrated downtown is a good location, but the clothing store concentrated natural competition is fierce, but business is affected, so in the site to site analysis of the pros and cons of brains, can be in an invincible position. If you can not find the right store in the proper location of the store, you can try to share with others, the two sides share a store. This will not only save the rent, but also under the same roof of the two industries, customer attributes and products can be complementary to the same words, but also can complement each other. Such as jewelry and clothing stores, bags and clothing stores, or underwear and clothing stores, are suitable for supporting the management of the project.

, for example, if there are a number of casual clothing store in casual clothes around, the level of competition will naturally fierce, then can dislocation business, will target the ladies or occupation, the effect may be better; for example, if the investigation shows that this consumer preference of Shanghai brand, not love Wenzhou brand, then can give priority to join the Shanghai brand. After these issues are clear, you can find a source of targeted. Investors also have to observe the surrounding other commodities, to explore competition. The best depth visits to its business recommendation

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