2015 investment in the selection of ethnic jewelry shop is rising

jewelry industry after years of development has emerged a number of projects, and now the pursuit of the concept of urban men and women to the concept of consumption so that some ethnic jewelry also ushered in the development of the peak, and now in the jewelry industry. Some rich ethnic jewelry, such as Tibet’s "Dongba cowhide painting, jewelry, beaded bracelet, Uighur and Yunnan ethnic silver cap has become more and more popular. So, operating a jewelry shop can make money? The whole network Xiaobian to introduce you to.

> management proposal should first ensure the supply of goods, is a difficult problem, such as the Tibetan jewelry, purchase from Tibet, the road far, want to pay certain transportation costs. Secondly, the operator must have a certain artistic appreciation and quality of life, keep up with the trend, the market demand is more accurate judgment, because their favorite customers do not necessarily like. In addition, the owner had better have a certain art knowledge, so you can make some unique style of jewelry. Ms. Ma said, the store jewelry should be high, medium and low take into account, some of the high-end display products are mainly on the home decoration, but the best selling or those more than ten yuan, dozens of dollars in low-grade jewelry.

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