nnovation and entrepreneurship in the new era the creation of the nternet platform for the incubat

last year, the public space into the realization of the people, into the lives of more entrepreneurs, the new 2016 is more innovative entrepreneurs of the world. Internet platform for the creation of interconnected cloud incubation, open business services 4 era, for entrepreneurs to bring better entrepreneurial opportunities.

2 27, Chinese first to achieve no boundary and cross regional model innovation Multiplier: Public Record Internet cloud incubator platform on-line operation in Beijing, aims to build a "creative entrepreneurs, said to help innovative entrepreneurs, help entrepreneurs innovation" Internet plus innovative cloud incubator platform.

2014 held in September in Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, encourage grassroots entrepreneurship, set off a wave of entrepreneurship. September 2015, the State Council issued a policy to vigorously promote the public record, crowdsourcing, all help, all the chips to implement.

"all hit the Internet cloud incubator platform is born in this background, the first to open the 4 innovative service mode, namely:" network platform service model online + service + financing polymerization incubation + market docking ", for the innovation of entrepreneurs to provide market, capital, operation, management, talent a one-stop comprehensive service." Wang Li said, "the platform will rely on the learning enterprise alliance, to Matilda venture capital technology services company for market operators; currently has more than 2 thousand and 400 enterprises, a large collection of small and micro enterprises more than 30 thousand, strong support of relevant ministries and obtained more than and 20 industry system.

all hit the Internet cloud incubator platform will make full use of Mingdejingguan 16 years of promoting the construction of national learning organization and the practical advantages of enterprise management training industry enterprise human resources, open channel downstream industry, help innovation and entrepreneurship projects implemented by precise docking from product to market."

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